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Tips to Moderate Social Media Comments

Social media is filled with millions of people all looking forward to freely sharing their opinions on all social media platforms. As social media grows, so does the amount of people looking to say and post negative things. Whether it is towards your brand, looks, interests, or a product, people will always have something negative to say.

What is Social Media Content Moderation?

Social media content moderation is the process of controlling and filtering out what is viewed as sensitive, harmful, or inappropriate. Any form of offensive user-generated content (text, videos, images, reviews, blogs, etc..) uploaded on social media accounts often requires action. Whether it is the removal of the content, reporting, or simply responding.

Why is it important?

Social media moderation is essentially important to create a safe pace. Particularly when it comes to businesses, any objectionable content can potentially harm a business and drive away customers. Social media plays a big part in business growth, so monitoring and maintaining standards are crucial. Social media content moderation can help increase engagement with customers and it also adds a sense of safety.

Tips to Moderate Social Media Comments:

Constructive Criticism vs. Inappropriate Comments

Lastly, it is very important to differentiate between negative comments and constructive criticism. Deleting all comments that you simply may just disagree with can send the wrong message to other customers. You want people to know that their opinions are welcomed and that they can speak freely. When running across a comment that you may feel is inappropriate, you can engage respectfully, acknowledge their opinion, and proceed to see if there’s any way you can help change their minds.

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