NEW PODCAST: Introducing our Teaching Social Media project (Episode #1)

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As we dive into the Spring semester head first, my students are busy planning their ideas for future blog articles and social media campaigns. One of the options they have as part of their project is also to produce content for a podcast episode. So, to kick off our first season of the Teaching Social Media podcast, I took the opportunity to interview a few of my students from last semester who were first to start publishing on this blog.

Teaching Social Media blog episode 1: Introduction to the Teaching Social Media podcast
Episode 1 interviews CCU students Leah Jackson and Rachel Hamilton.

LISTEN TO Episode 1: Introduction to the Teaching Social Media Project

In this episode I interview Leah Jackson (’23), a marketing and hospitality major who has concentrations in event planning and marketing. Leah’s article Surveillance Capitalism: Your Private Data is Facebook & Google’s Marketing Tool was one of the top performing posts in the winter semester collection of articles and looked at Professor Shoshana Zuboff’s book and research.

I was also able to interview Rachel Hamilton (’23) a recreation and sports management major who is minoring in marketing and took the class at the same time as Leah. Rachel’s topic was on legal issues in managing contests and sweepstakes.

In both cases, it was a please to hear from these students about how this course and the project helped them to build their marketing skills and how they felt in doing a unique project that challenged their creative and technical capabilities.

I hope you enjoy hearing their stories.

Stay tuned for future podcast episodes featuring my students and their insights into social media marketing.

🎧 If you have a question for an upcoming episode, you can submit an audio message to use on our Anchor podcast site. Just click the +MESSAGE button.

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