Social Media Listening in the Food and Beverage Industry

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Restaurant, food & beverage businesses operating at the mercy of consumers’ shifting tastes and preferences, face a rising imperative to proactively listen, understand, and respond to their consumers’ opinions and interests. Social media, both instant and highly public, provides brands with the significant opportunity to maintain an awareness of their audience and the greater consumer landscape. A recent report from Brandwatch examines the online activity of leading restaurant, food & beverage brands, evaluating the performance of industry leaders and identifying key strategies to leverage the power of social media. While images that link to other websites or content are the highest performing posts for most industries, simple photos perform substantially higher than any other format for restaurant, food & beverage brands.

Twitter Channel Benchmarks

While the Twitter presence of restaurant, food & beverage brands varies dramatically, the industry as a whole is exceptionally effective at communicating with their audience

Restaurant Sectors Insights

The following section examines the share of voice for various sectors within the restaurant, food & beverage industry. In the Brandwatch analysis, over 1 million mentions of 50 leading restaurant, food and beverage brands are collected. Quick serve restaurants, which include multinational corporations like McDonalds, Burger King and Subway, have the bulk of the conversation. Chain restaurants, such as Nando’s or Applebee’s, are the second most discussed sector, closely followed by beverage brands.

Listening within Social Media Campaigns

Steps to follow for a good campaign:

  1. Monitor – So listening skills can help you monitor what is said about you within a campaign. You can identify people and other parties and see what people think about you during the campaign. Just like how you can monitor what people say about your restaurant.
  2. Search – Specific tools are also great when you want to find something on the Internet. Advanced search engines unlimited keyword configuration, and location filters, you can quickly locate exactly what you’re looking for. 
  3. Analyze – there is a lot of data out there. A reliable social listening tool can effortlessly undertake an analysis of all impressions, social media engagement, and more. You want the most credible information so analyzing it will give you a good idea.

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