NEW PODCAST: Can you be fired for that? What’s in a Social Media Policy (Episode #8)

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The next episode of our Teaching Social Media podcast is covering the topic of Social Media Policies. These are things used by companies to govern their social media both in terms of how the firm uses social networking apps but also in guidance given to employees. This may not sound like the most interesting topic, but in actuality, it can be one of the most controversial. In this episode, we hear from marketing students Brittany Shelley and Robert Weisbach about very contentious employee firings and court cases that debate things from political speech, to accused racism, to labor conditions and you will get an intro into US regulations related to governing employee speech, especially regarding their Section 7 protections in the National Labor Relations Act.

Teaching Social Media Podcast Episode 8:

Can you be fired for that? What’s in a Social Media Policy

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You can read more about the topics in this episode on our blog. Brittany’s article covers a lot of detail on NLRB guidance and Robert’s article discusses more cases and some specifics of a good social media policy document.

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