A blog to teach social media

It seems like every semester I try to change something in my undergraduate Social Media Marketing course. Progressive tweaks each semester have dialed in the current course I teach for Coastal Carolina University in the Marketing department, but going into 2022 I want to try something that allows for a deeper focus on content creation and analytical measurement. So, I’m happy to announce that this new blog – TeachingSocialMedia.org – will be a long-term project with all of my students going forward.

What’s the blog about?

Obviously, social media.

However, the content here will be written from the perspective of each student about a unique topic they are researching in my course. We cover topics from specific details on each social network and strategy in using them, to serious issues like data privacy, legal concerns, and misinformation.

What will the blog posts contain?

Each post will be a mix of textual and multimedia content uniquely created based upon the creativity of each of my students. There will be variation in the effort of course, as is typical with any academic assignment, but it is my hope that these will not just reflect interesting information but a point in time on student opinion about the evolution of social media and its place in marketing and in the daily lives of consumers.

Will the content be fact-checked?

I expect that when my students submit their articles that their resources be linked in their articles, as is typical for a professional blog site. My students will submit their articles to me for review for publishing, so there is a risk that if their sources are not fact-checked that their article may require revision or not be published.

I hope our community who reads and engages with this blog can also add useful resources in the comments.

How can you engage with us?

As we continue to publish content, the students will also be promoting these articles on social media. We use the hashtag #mktg452 to denote our class at CCU and I’m hoping my students will also come up with some unique hashtags to promote our content each semester.

We hope that you will follow our accounts (more details coming soon!) and also click here to FOLLOW US on WordPress to be alerted about our next articles when they are available.

Please also feel free to link to this article, or if you are a professor, use them as resources, links in hypothes.is, or in any other forum that would be useful for continuing to teach social media!

Published by Heather Carle

Marketing Professor @ CCU.

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