3 Proven Tips For a Successful Pinterest Strategy

Since 2010, the social media platform Pinterest has been an ever-growing service that allows users from all over to visually discover ideas for practically anything! Avid Pinterest users everywhere would have to agree that this platform has evolved into so much more in recent years. This social media platform has become a great tool for individuals and businesses of every kind, offering analytic tools, shopping services, and so on. With that being said, here are three tips on creating a successful Pinterest strategy that you need to make sure are in your 2022 social media plan.

Using Videos & Live Streaming

It comes as no surprise that the top content people are drawn to nowadays is videos. On other social networks such as Youtube and Tik Tok, Videos seem to have taken a strong appeal to Gen Z. This has sparked the question; Why not use them on Pinterest? Individuals and businesses should consider creating, posting, and promoting videos on Pinterest to see overall better engagement rates. Considering Gen Z is the top generation on all social media platforms, it would be wise to follow what they are most attracted to. Videos capture an audience’s immediate attention more than an image, and although Pinterest is widely known for its photographic visuals, adding in videos would be of great benefit. According to a related article published on Forbes.com…

  • 55% of people watch videos online every day
  • 92% of mobile video consumers share videos 
  • 64% of users are more prone to buying products after watching a video
  • 67% of marketers have found video marketing to be successful

There are also specific types of videos that can be created that appeal to many spanning from DIY Tutorials to customer testimonials. Pinterest has also created a new video-based tool called Pinterest TV. It allows top creators and influencers to live stream content reviews that will hopefully urge users to purchase. This video-based feature is an excellent component to help become discovered.

Create Community Boards

Another aspect that would be beneficial to utilize, is to create and join community boards. Pinterest community boards are an excellent way to contribute content that will help get views from new audiences. Users can join and collaborate on other individual and business boards by sharing their content in hopes of an increase in engagement. One should decide to research Pinterest users that relate to their niche, and see if they have boards that allow joining. This, as previously stated, will give leeway to posting personal pins and creating content for that specific board. Joining these boards can also help grow relations amongst similar individuals and businesses, which may never have occurred without doing so. Platforms like Pinterest offer endless possibilities, and community boards offer just that.

For a better understanding, watch YouTuber Catherine Mannings' exceptionally done video on all things Pinterest Boards.

Focus on Profiles, Pins, and Boards to Boost SEO

The last, advantageous tip, includes putting a significant amount of focus on Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization). Pinterest is easily known for being a top visual search engine, so what better way to get the most out of the platform than focusing on SEO. Becoming educated on Pinterest’s algorithm and optimization rules will not only help posts and profiles with better visibility rates but will also increase overall rankings. Specifically, users should focus on these three things; Their Profiles, pins, and boards. These should all include helpful keywords that are relevant and popular amongst the targeted industry, making the content show up immediately in users’ search results. Because Pinterest is image-based, it is crucial to use the majority of the available characters, like in the main profile, bio, and captions as well. More things to keep in mind are…

  • Creating SEO-friendly handles: Consider what the intended audience will be searching for, so it is ensured your profile appears as a top result.
  • Organizing boards: Create custom boards covers and sort them in a way that will make it easier for all to navigate. Such ways include alphabetically and by topic.
  • Become educated on the ‘anatomy of pins’: Keep in mind what is trending in regards to fonts, image sizes, wording, etc. These factors play a big role in the appeal and what will show up first.
Celebrity Lionel Richie noting Pinterests’ unique algorithm hinting its something to always be keeping up with.

Putting the Tips to Action

Pinterest is often overlooked and what many would call underrated, yet it does wonders for those taking full advantage of everything it offers. Seeing how many current tips there are to ‘up’ the Pinterest game, it is time to implement them. Strategically using videos, community boards, and focusing on Pinterests’ SEO, individuals and businesses Pinterest platforms will surely be taken to the next level. Prioritizing all of these, especially in the beginning, is proven to receive better results in many aspects of the social media industry.

This platform stands out amongst most, and so its uniqueness will surely grow significant appeal as years go on. Individuals seek different things out of different applications, and from the start, Pinterest has and will continue to differentiate itself. Getting a head start and using these discussed tips and features will be extremely beneficial for those seeking to boost themselves and or businesses strategically in 2022.

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