Pinterest, connecting to you as fast as a simple refresh!

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Pinterest isn’t just a platform for the creative minds it’s a platform for everybody. Using Pinterest and creating boards for anything makes you an active user, even using the search bar. Pinterest is a social media platform that encourages flow of the imagination, allowing users to search for anything imaginable and create boards with images and videos based upon their interests.

Pinterest also contains a robust search engine that can detect additional subcategories for narrowing results.

Everyday Brands on Pinterest?

When it comes to marketing and selling a product to the consumer, your first thought may not go straight to Pinterest, but rather traditional advertising such as commercials, billboards, and magazines. But Pinterest has a unique way to offer brands the ability to sell and promote their products. Pinterest’s algorithm generates content according to a user’s previous likes and boards and embeds sponsored ads likely without the user ever noticing. Pinterest likes to make their ads feel natural and appealing to their users, having the ads come across as regular interactive pin.

Unique Advertising

A more discrete advertising tactic on Pinterest, are interactive ads. A user may scroll across the screen and an ad may start moving immediately, making the ad more fun and engaging. Pinterest is also known to generate ads based upon the consumer’s past behavior and their past searches, making ads more relevant and useful so there will be more engagement with ads over time.

Discrete Advertising Helping Everyday Users

Overall, Pinterest is a safe place for users to create ideas and share them with others to enjoy. User are more likely to openly post and interact with Pinterest because they aren’t being consumed by an ad every ten seconds. Discrete advertising also creates conversation amongst users without them even realizing it, and all it took was on swipe of their home page and seeing an ad while looking at their general interest. Discrete advertising decreases the overwhelming feeling of ad bombardment all while still informing the consumer about products and services, and that’s part of the reason why active users love Pinterest.

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