Hit Play: Brands That Excel On YouTube Playlists

What Are YouTube Playlists?

The YouTube playlist feature is a convenient tool which allows channel owners to organize a collection of videos into a specific playlist. Rather than viewers and subscribers scrolling through a random video feed, the playlist tab directs them to an organized list of different playlists. Playlists on YouTube are generally used to separate different categories of unique content.

Why are YouTube Playlists useful?

YouTube playlists are extremely beneficial to brands, channel owners, and even the viewers/subscribers. The playlist feature benefits Brands and channel owners by making it easier for viewers to find the content they enjoy the most. A playlist organizing similar content together also increases the chance of viewers watching multiple videos in one sitting. The feature automatically plays through each video on the playlist without the viewer clicking anything which can also increase viewing time. While the playlist feature increases traffic to a brands channel, it also makes the viewers happy. It facilitates viewers in finding their preferred content while saving them time.

A Brand That Mastered YouTube Playlists

YETI Logo Picture Via Google

YETI is a very popular American made brand that specializes in outdoor products such as ice coolers, insulated drinkware, clothing, bags and a plethora of other outdoor gear. Aside from the success and customer loyalty YETI has achieved as a brand, they also have created a fantastic YouTube channel over the years. YETI is a prime example of a brand that utilizes the playlist feature effectively. The brand has several intriguing playlist topics, such as:

  • Colors Inspired by True Events: Every YETI product whether it be a cooler, a stainless steel cup or dog bowl has its own unique colorway. Each one of these colors has a name that means something. YETI created the playlist Colors Inspired by True Events to show existing and potential customers that each color has a true, adventurous story behind it. YETI’s motto is “Built For The Wild”, so these videos show how “The Wild” truly lives in each color. The various names of YETI colors include King Crab Orange, Granite Grey, Pacific Blue, Highlands Olive, Harvest Red, and numerous others. Not only is YETI smart for offering so many different colors but attaching a story to each color can make the customer feel connected and more inclined to purchase the products. Click here to watch Colors Inspired by True Events
  • YETI Presents: The YETI Presents playlist is a huge collection of videos that each have their own special story. The videos are usually 7-10 minutes long. Some examples of these unique videos are Sam which is about a Labrador retriever and his passion for retrieving ducks and Cosmo which is about intense fishing in the crystal clear water of Seychelles, Africa. Every YETI presents video is more unique than the last and the stories are very fitting to the brands nature. Almost all of the videos take place in the outdoors which ties in well to the purpose and use of YETI’s products. Click here to watch Cosmo and other YETI Presents videos
  • Products Among the countless different playlists YETI has on YouTube. Many of them are playlists showing the functionality of their products and how they perform. There are playlists of bags and what can go in them as well as chairs and other outdoor products. YETI may of started as a cooler company but the amount of different outdoor products they offer now is tremendous and the playlist feature helps organize the countless products. This is smart of YETI as it informs viewers about all of their products while also persuading them to purchase.
Picture Via YouTube @YETI

GoPro’s YouTube Channel

GoPro picture via Google

Another brand that dominates YouTube is GoPro. Since GoPro makes action cameras it makes perfect sense that their YouTube channel is an oasis of incredible footage from all types of places, sports, adventures, etc. The GoPro YouTube channel has 10.6 million subscribers and over 2,300 videos. These captivating high definition videos include surfing, mountain biking, skydiving, scuba diving, animals, volcanoes, snowboarding and the list could go forever. GoPro knew it was incumbent upon them to make a YouTube channel and fill it with videos from their cameras, and it has certainly helped them blossom into a very successful brand.

GoPro’s YouTube Playlists

GoPro has a profusion of YouTube playlists that help viewers decide or find what they want to watch. Some of GoPro’s playlists are:

In some of these playlists, there are between 50-100 videos. The mass production and variety of unique videos draws millions of viewers to the GoPro channel which could eventually turn into customers buying GoPro cameras. Every person has their own special hobby or hobbies they enjoy and the GoPro camera helps them capture the beauty of those hobbies on film. GoPro then takes all of the best content and footage and displays it for the world to see on their channel. The brand effectively uses the YouTube playlist feature to its advantage which brings in millions of subscribers and it inspires us all to adventure more and capture footage of the most beautiful things in life.

Interesting GoPro Playlists To Watch:

GoPro video via YouTube
GoPro video via YouTube
GoPro video via YouTube

Key Takeaways

The way YouTube playlists can organize and distinguish large amounts of unique content for channel owners make them a valuable asset for any YouTuber. Brands, individuals, and others all benefit from playlists on YouTube. Playlists make content easier to find, allow quicker transitions from videos and ultimately make YouTube a better place. Whether you are the owner of a brand/company, an entrepreneur, or a casual viewer, YouTube playlists are helpful and fun. Brands like YETI and GoPro have strong YouTube Channels and brands thanks in part to YouTube playlists.

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