YouTube: Who uses Vlogs?

YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform. Since its launch on February 14, 2005, Youtube has been a force to be reckoned with and is the world’s third most popular online destination because of its viewers. Reaching a large younger demographic, YouTube viewers can relate to the authenticity of user-generated content. Additionally,Continue reading “YouTube: Who uses Vlogs?”

Are YouTube Shorts only for Creators or also Brands?

Youtube shorts are increasingly becoming a popular form of mainstream media and it’s no secret that the platform is pushing this, so why not take advantage of the trend? As a business owner you probably strive to do everything to get your name out there on the digital landscape but with the increasing amount of platforms it becomes difficult to push your brand. Youtube has the most users across the world and its creators reach many cultures through many countries (Fig 1.2), but recently TikTok has surpassed Youtube in the amount of users it has in

The 10 Most Important Steps to Start a Successful Vlog

You know the following scenario: it’s the weekend, you’re lying in bed or on the sofa and enjoying your free time. You are on your cell phone on YouTube and scroll through the suggestions. Without even knowing it, you’re watching vlogs. What exactly is a vlog? A vlog is (a video blog): a record ofContinue reading “The 10 Most Important Steps to Start a Successful Vlog”

The Best Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

7 Ways You Can Improve Your YouTube SEO YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site on the internet. Many people watch videos on YouTube for entertainment, however, that is not the only way that people use the website. Many people watch videos on YouTube to learn a skill, or a new recipe, to get helpContinue reading “The Best Ways to Get More Views on YouTube”

YouTube Shorts Are Made 4 Everyone

Did you know that the first video published on YouTube was only 19-seconds long? YouTube Shorts are the ideal format, with them being 60-seconds or less. You can use them to start trends, try a dance challenge, or implement fun ideas, among other things. Whether you want to appeal to the community or just createContinue reading “YouTube Shorts Are Made 4 Everyone”

Instagram Features that Power Sales Growth

Instagram has become a tool for many companies to increase their sales and platform. Now, Instagram contains many features and tools to help companies be successful. This blog contains helpful features that can help boost any Instagram account. Storefronts The first step to getting any sales and engagement is to turn the profile into aContinue reading “Instagram Features that Power Sales Growth”

How Social Audio is Changing the World

Social media has come so far over the last few years and continues to grow bigger and better for us consumer. Recently we have started to see a boom in the overall use of social audio in our everyday lives whether it be through general communication or through schooling, but in the business world asContinue reading “How Social Audio is Changing the World”

How the Domino’s YouTube Scandal created a Crisis for the Brand

The “Domino’s Youtube Scandal” is a perfect example about how social media can have a negative impact on a brand, ultimately leading them into a crisis. This example helps to understand Social Media Crises of different types, how Domino’s was negatively impacted by social media, and the necessary steps that need to be taken whenContinue reading “How the Domino’s YouTube Scandal created a Crisis for the Brand”

Increasing reach through Employee Advocacy

What is an Employee Advocacy Program? A simple definition of employee advocacy is the promotion of a brand or company content by an employee of that company. Most people are used to seeing their favorite influencers/celebs promote a brand but in this case the promotion is done by the companies own employees. Examples of EmployeeContinue reading “Increasing reach through Employee Advocacy”