Youtube Shorts: The new way to post 60 second videos

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Youtube Shorts is for the lovers of short videos. This feature allows creators to post a minute or less video of dance challenges, new trends or even short vlogs of their day. With competitors like TikTok and instagram Reels, Shorts allows Youtuber’s to have a platform of their own. With this feature creators are allowed to boost their content and reach more followers. This feature will encourage more people to make a youtube channel.

Youtube shorts has created a place for creators to make videos like:

  • Trendy challenges
  • Trending songs and creating a dance to it
  • What I eat in a day
  • Relatable content
  • Traveling
  • Family bonding
  • Acting videos
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The beginning of Youtube Shorts

In 2020, Youtube launched a beta mode of shorts which was a trial run to see what was needed to be added or changed. Shorts took off and in 2021, youtube shorts came out with a $100 fund for creators to get paid for their videos. TikTok is their biggest competitor and has a creator fund as well, the only difference is the check you receive from youtube compared to TikTok is far greater. Short creator will receive anywhere between $100-$10,000 a month based on how much engagement they receive. This sparked many followers and youtube shorts now has over 1.1 million videos.

TikTokers are Starting to Transition

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Alyssa Mkay started on TikTok and is doing very well with 9.2 million followers. Being the first TikToker to start posting on youtube shorts, she was able to start during the beta mode and gain over 500,000 followers in just a year. With one of her shorts video hitting 13 million views, she was shocked with the outcome since it was youtube. This amount of following allowed Alyssa to start her youtube channel and began posting on both platforms while profiting.

Youtuber’s having their own platform

David Dobrikis known for his exciting, crazy, insane vlogs that are 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. As any YouTuber, the time spent on hours editing is far greater than what is shown to viewers. Youtube shorts has allowed youtuber’s to make funny videos and still get paid for it. David Dobrik has been using TikTok to post 60 second videos, but has now transitioned to using both platforms to make behind the scenes videos of him and his friends.

Other famous Youtuber’s using youtube shorts:

  • Dental Digest
  • Zhong
  • Greg Renko
  • The Bentist
  • Milad Mirg
  • SeanDoesMagic

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