NEW PODCAST: Instagram’s Newest Features – Shops & Reels (Episode #3)

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We are on a roll this week, publishing our next episode of the Teaching Social Media podcast. In this episode, we hear from three of my social media marketing students, and their guests about some of Instagram’s newest features to help boost sales and also brand awareness. 

Teaching Social Media Podcast Episode 3: Instagram Shops & Reels

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TSM Podcast Episode 3 discusses Instagram


Segment 1: Dalton Latham (GUEST HOST) and his guest Maggie Tobin (@maggie3828) – sale tactics and specifically how Instagram Shops feature into a brand’s decision to market their products. [Blog: How Brands Use Instagram to Increase Sales]

Segment 2: Alexa Johnson (@lexyj0hnson) (GUEST HOST) and her guest Alexis Baisley (@alexisbaisley) – Instagram Reels and retail brands. [Blog: REEL Talk: Top 5 Ways For Brands to Use Instagram Reels in their Marketing Strategy

Segment 3: Cierra Tadda (@Cierra.Catherine) (GUEST HOST) – Instagram Reel features, differences with Tiktok, and how to manage video between multiple platforms. [Blog: How Brands Use Instagram Reels in Social Media]

🎧 If you have a question for an upcoming episode, you can submit an audio message to use on our Anchor podcast site. Just click the +MESSAGE button.

Published by Heather Carle

Marketing Professor @ CCU.

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