Are You Satisfied With Your Spending?

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Think about a time where you finally got that new trendy item that everyone has been dying for. Did you want it because you were actually interested or did you want it because that is what everyone else has and seen socially as “cool”? It really doesn’t matter, because big brands are in a competition, racing to create and or reinvent the next hot trending item that everyone wants and is willing to pay any price. 

Have you ever thought about where your money goes once you get that new hot thing? Probably not. Big brands have so much money that it is more beneficial to them as a company to invest, give back to the community and to their employees. Unfortunately with big brands they quietly fund political parties with opposing views than how they are actually branding themselves as a company. Most big brands are more focused on converting everyday people into loyal lifelong customers. Unfortunately with these big brands that are conversion focused the customer service experience is more forced rather than a genuine engagement and or conversation. 

Big brands such as American Eagle are focused on both engagement and conversion. They saw the opportunity to engage and collaborate with everyday people, employees, and huge influencers to represent and promote their brands. One of American Eagles core values is diversity and inclusion. They do not edit any models that they shoot to show how true and strong they are about their values. Unfortunately they are crazy about conversion and sometimes it makes it an unwelcoming environment because you can tell all they want you to do is buy something rather than enjoy their products and be genuinely happy with their brand.  

When brands ask to collaborate with everyday people makes their audience want to engage and promote the brand. Any publicity is good publicity, especially free publicity. When people post pictures tagging the clothes or items they have is a chance for anyone to be exposed to a new brand. People are more likely to buy your product when being able to associate someone’s personal experience with it as well. Having a diverse welcoming environment as a company/ brand makes the audience want to come back for more because they know they are being appreciated as consumers as well as a good quality product to fit their wants and needs.

You as a consumer should start buying based on your wants and needs rather than trends. You could potentially be happier and more satisfied with a product    

4 Best Ways to Keep a Customer Happy & Improve Customer Retention

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