Why Would You Select To Run A Lead Ad Instead Of An Ad Aimed At Getting Engagement On Your Posts?

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What are lead ads?

Lead ads gather people information that may be interested in your products or services. It’s a form that collects contact information such as name, email address, phone number and other personal information. Leads ads help businesses find potential customers and understand the behaviors of customers. Lead ads are usually shown on facebook and instagram business pages. These companies choose lead ads over regular ads because it’s easier to find their target market from the filled in information.


Engagement Ads:

There are five different engagement ads that can target your audience. The first one is making a video on your business page that will gain an audience of people to watch at least for 3 seconds. The second one is lead ad forms which is easy for your audience to fill out their personal information. The third one is canvas experience facebook ad that shows up on News Feeds that are a mix of videos, still images, text and call to action buttons. The fourth one is Facebook page engagement , where you can reach anyone that visited or interacted with your facebook page from advertising. The last one is facebook events, where your audience have to RSVP’d to your event.


How to create quality lead ad on facebook?

Creating facebook lead ad forms are simple to make. The start of the process is on a facebook landing page where people navigate off of your facebook business page. The first step in creating a lead ad, you have to go to the front end of your facebook business page through business manager. At the top of the page near the menu, click the publishing tools from the drop down menu. Once you open the publishing tools open and go to forms library of the left side of the screen, click create button. Then, you will see the option to create a new lead form.

Creating your Audience


Who is your target audience? On your facebook business page you can assign an ad set that will advertise for one target market. For example, In facebook messenger ads you can target towards females ages 25-40 who are single moms. These settings will keep your advertisements more organized. Facebook ads manager helps you choose your audience such as their location, age, gender, interests, behaviors, and languages. For more ways to target customers , you can upload a CSV file of customer data, such as their email address from your customer database or webinar attendees. Choosing this option also allow you to target ads to people on your email list.


How to make your lead ad stand out?

Many people complain about the low quality of facebook lead ads. How can you make your lead ad stand out from thousand of other companies? You should show more value in your ads so people will understand what they filling out. Keep your business simple and get straight to the point. Readers don’t like lengthy posts, they loss interest real fast. Be clear , concise , and succinct. If you want to spice up your lead ad make sure your target audience will like it. Doing this will gain your leads higher quality and your team will spend less time trying to find ways to engage with people.


Instagram lead ads

Now that facebook owns instagram now , it makes advertising on social platforms more easier. Facebook already makes setting up an ad easy with straightforward objectives such as a lead generation ad, which can be used on both facebook and instagram ads. Setting up instagram lead ads is similar from creating facebook lead ads.

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