How to Succeed Through Social Media Ads

Social Media Advertising enables business owners to target individuals who are not already following the account that they want to be advertised. It can also come about organically by generating followers on your account, joining conversations, or sharing your content to attract more followers/engagement. The key success to social media advertising is to create contentContinue reading “How to Succeed Through Social Media Ads”

How to respond correctly: Social Media Crisis Management

We all know and love social media. It’s usually the first think we look at when we wake up and the last thing we look at before we go to bed! So many great things can come from it. Sharing life updates with family, watching your friends travel the country, see the newest products comeContinue reading “How to respond correctly: Social Media Crisis Management”


What is a Sweepstake? A Sweepstakes is a type of giveaway where one or multiple prizes may be awarded to a winner or winners. They are the most effective type of prize promotion you can use to build brand awareness. Sweepstakes are strictly no purchase necessary to enter or win, and a purchase will notContinue reading “UNDERSTANDING THE RULES WHEN ENTERING IN A SWEEPSTAKE”

Marketing To Minors? The Truth behind it.

The best way to market to children is to market places where kids go. You want to distribute advertising posters in toy stores, bicycle shops, bookstores and many other places. Things like this were easier a couple of years ago. However, with newer technology, marketing to children has been easier due to social media, butContinue reading “Marketing To Minors? The Truth behind it.”

How Brands are Using Video in their Social Media Ads

Social media has been the main source of marketing for companies to reach their targeted audience over the past few years. FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc. all have ads now. Whether it is in video form or a typical wordy post with a photo attached. Social media is constantly growing with new users everyday.Continue reading “How Brands are Using Video in their Social Media Ads”


Statista reports that Snapchat had 347 million daily users in quarter two of 2022. However, Snapchat has 557 million active monthly users. The largest demographic age group is 18-24. Snapchat allows you to send pictures and videos to friends that disappear once viewed. Users can also post a story to their profile that is viewableContinue reading “HOW TO CREATE AN IMMERSIVE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN WITH SNAPCHAT”

Getting Started with your Instagram Ad Strategy

Advertising on Instagram and other social media platforms is one of the most popular marketing strategies for any business. Businesses advertise their products on social media to spread awareness, and they utilize paid, owned, and earned media as a means to do so. Owned by Facebook and launched in 2010, Instagram has over 1.44 billionContinue reading “Getting Started with your Instagram Ad Strategy”

Let’s BeReal – It Takes Creative Advertising Strategies to Standout

And this blog is going to help guide you to doing just that. A new social media has entered the market and companies are taking this opportunity to shift and take advantage of the tremendous growth it is already seeing to benefit them. BeReal is a social media platform that sends out one simultaneous notificationContinue reading “Let’s BeReal – It Takes Creative Advertising Strategies to Standout”

Utilizing Instagram Ad Features: How & Why

Instagram advertisements have been responsible for more than a billion user actions since the social media network started to provide advertising in 2015. And only last year, it more than quadrupled to 500,000 advertisers in just six months. Instagram advertising are ubiquitous across the app, including in users’ feeds, Stories, Explore, and other areas, similarContinue reading “Utilizing Instagram Ad Features: How & Why”

New Balance Turned Viral TikTok Song into Sales 

In June of 2021, lesser-known artists MightyBay and Number9ok released the song “574”. The title 574 comes from New Balance’s signature shoe model 574. The entire song and lyrics are about how the artists feel about the shoes and how they wear them. This song praising how stylish the 574 shoes are went viral onContinue reading “New Balance Turned Viral TikTok Song into Sales “