Social Listening: Why Everyone Needs it

Social Listening has gained significant value over recent years, and will only keep getting bigger. In this article we will be talking about what social listening is and why it is important for major brands and companies to understand and use social listening for the betterment of their companies, and for the people. We will also show some examples of social listening platforms that can be used by anyone.

What is Social Listening?

Social Listening is tracking social media platforms for any type of mentions or engagements that are involving your brand, then breaking down each engagement and hopefully learning how to improve your brand based off of the engagement. It can also be used to help with crisis situations such as COVID-19. When something big is happening many people will post on social media about the subject using very similar key terms, social listening platforms would pick up on that and be able to do what’s needed to help whatever the situation is.

Why it is Important for Brands

Social Listening can be viewed as too much by certain people, but with how much people post on social media these days, big brands would be dumb to not use social listening to its advantage. People love to complain, and twitter is a great spot for people to complain. Major brands can see complaints about their product or whatever their services very easily, but if they don’t change or learn anything from the complaints, it is not social listening. Brands need to be able to learn from the engagements that social listening provides and make changes. The more complaints that don’t get addressed on social media, the complaints the brand not responding will receive.

Why it is Important for Us

Social Listening is important for people who aren’t involved with big brands too. If there is any topic or information that is really concerning to you and you need to find out more, social listening can help find information for you by just searching key words involving your topic on any social media platform. It may not lead you right to what you’re looking for but the more you search around the more likely you will eventually find what you’re looking for through social listening.


There are many different social listening systems that companies can pay to use and help identify what they are looking for. One of the best platforms in the world for social listening is the company BrandWatch. Over 1,000 of the worlds biggest brands use BrandWatch. BrandWatch did a very good job of providing helpful information being posted on social media about COVID-19 and putting all together in one spot for companies, brands, and everyday people to view. This is a great example of how social listening can be beneficial for everyone no matter what the situation is.

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