How to respond correctly: Social Media Crisis Management

We all know and love social media. It’s usually the first think we look at when we wake up and the last thing we look at before we go to bed! So many great things can come from it. Sharing life updates with family, watching your friends travel the country, see the newest products comeContinue reading “How to respond correctly: Social Media Crisis Management”

Santee Cooper Senior Employee Fired Over Twitter Post

How thin is that line between your First Amendment right for Freedom of Speech and NRLA regulations or employer social media policies?  According to Career Builder, 18 percent of employers have fired an employee over a social media post. Not only are employers firing employees over social media post, but they are also making personalContinue reading “Santee Cooper Senior Employee Fired Over Twitter Post”

Zion Williamson Billion Dollar Knee Injury

During a highly anticipated Duke vs. North Carolina college basketball game when two of the top three players in the country are completing one stage, thirty-three seconds into the biggest college basketball game of the season, the sport’s biggest star went down with a bizarre injury as Zion Williamson’s shoe ripped in half and heContinue reading “Zion Williamson Billion Dollar Knee Injury”

NEW PODCAST: How Social Listening Tools Can Make or Break Your Event (Episode #12)

In this episode, we hear from marketing student, Savannah Kiker about event marketing and how social media listening can play a role in enhancing your event. Savannah also uses the example from the local Carolina Country Music Festival (CCMF) held in Myrtle Beach and discusses this topic more in her blog article.   Teaching Social Media PodcastContinue reading “NEW PODCAST: How Social Listening Tools Can Make or Break Your Event (Episode #12)”

THE CHIPOTLE CRISIS: How social media spread E. coli nearly as fast as Chipotle

Chipotle is a successful national chain with a menu of items ranging from burritos to bowls. The popularity of Chipotle has grown both from its successful ads as well as its own customers. Since its founding in 1993, Chipotle has grown to 2,966 national locations and 128 local farms and plants to package and storeContinue reading “THE CHIPOTLE CRISIS: How social media spread E. coli nearly as fast as Chipotle”

How the Domino’s YouTube Scandal created a Crisis for the Brand

The “Domino’s Youtube Scandal” is a perfect example about how social media can have a negative impact on a brand, ultimately leading them into a crisis. This example helps to understand Social Media Crises of different types, how Domino’s was negatively impacted by social media, and the necessary steps that need to be taken whenContinue reading “How the Domino’s YouTube Scandal created a Crisis for the Brand”

All About Crisis Management and How it Affects You

One of the most crucial components of marketing is building and maintaining a good reputation. We can see this through every action companies take… how they respond to customers, their products’ reliability and quality, their social media accounts… but nothing’s perfect. What happens when brands/companies inevitably make mistakes? What actions should they take in orderContinue reading “All About Crisis Management and How it Affects You”

Social Listening: Why Everyone Needs it

Social Listening has gained significant value over recent years, and will only keep getting bigger. In this article we will be talking about what social listening is and why it is important for major brands and companies to understand and use social listening for the betterment of their companies, and for the people. We willContinue reading “Social Listening: Why Everyone Needs it”

Peloton crisis management review

In today’s business market a company’s ability to manage a crisis will determine the longevity of the company. With social media being able to connect hundreds and thousands of people together in an instance, a company could be thrown into a crisis that could potentially end a company’s long-standing image. In today’s business market having a team that can identify a crisisContinue reading “Peloton crisis management review”