Marketing To Minors? The Truth behind it.

The best way to market to children is to market places where kids go. You want to distribute advertising posters in toy stores, bicycle shops, bookstores and many other places. Things like this were easier a couple of years ago. However, with newer technology, marketing to children has been easier due to social media, butContinue reading “Marketing To Minors? The Truth behind it.”

Listening Influence on Cosmetic & Fashion Industries in Social Media

The Fashion and Cosmetic Industries are some of the most competitive industries out there. It’s becoming harder everyday to become trendy and even harder to stay relevant, as these industries are evolving and changing everyday. Social Media is full of influencers, bloggers, beginners seeking advice in fashion, makeup, fashionistas and models looking at new collectionsContinue reading “Listening Influence on Cosmetic & Fashion Industries in Social Media”

How Your Favorite Creators Make Money Through Social Media

A creator fund is an official fund established by a platform to pay creators for the content they create on the app. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter all have created different programs that fit their network and their creators. Here is everything you need to know about how you are helping your favorite creatorsContinue reading “How Your Favorite Creators Make Money Through Social Media”


Social media today in 2022 is emerging fast and will continue to over the next several years. All platforms of social media have grown immensely and have given lots of people full-time careers as Influencers using their social media platform to express talent or promote brands. But not all influencer engagements with brands are theContinue reading “GUEST VS. BRANDED INFLUENCER POSTS”

A Beginners Guide to Instagram Analytics

Now that you have taken the step in furthering your businesses social media presence, it is time for you to start understanding your company’s analytics and insights. The best way to do that is to you make your social media a “Business Account” on Instagram. So, let’s get started.  Now that your profile has beenContinue reading “A Beginners Guide to Instagram Analytics”

Getting Started with your Instagram Ad Strategy

Advertising on Instagram and other social media platforms is one of the most popular marketing strategies for any business. Businesses advertise their products on social media to spread awareness, and they utilize paid, owned, and earned media as a means to do so. Owned by Facebook and launched in 2010, Instagram has over 1.44 billionContinue reading “Getting Started with your Instagram Ad Strategy”

Utilizing Instagram Ad Features: How & Why

Instagram advertisements have been responsible for more than a billion user actions since the social media network started to provide advertising in 2015. And only last year, it more than quadrupled to 500,000 advertisers in just six months. Instagram advertising are ubiquitous across the app, including in users’ feeds, Stories, Explore, and other areas, similarContinue reading “Utilizing Instagram Ad Features: How & Why”

IG Reels Are the New Big Thing!

Instagram Reels is a feature on Instagram that allows users to create short videos that are roughly 15-30 seconds long. These videos can be shot through the platform or externally and uploaded to reels. Instagram allows you to edit and add sounds and effects to the videos you create. These videos are designed to beContinue reading “IG Reels Are the New Big Thing!”

Instagram Features that Power Sales Growth

Instagram has become a tool for many companies to increase their sales and platform. Now, Instagram contains many features and tools to help companies be successful. This blog contains helpful features that can help boost any Instagram account. Storefronts The first step to getting any sales and engagement is to turn the profile into aContinue reading “Instagram Features that Power Sales Growth”

3 Instagram Shop tips YOU need to be using

Businesses are always looking for new ways to grow their sales. Now with Instagram, they have a brand new way to achieve their goals. Businesses have been able to grow their sales as well as obtain new target audiences through the new Instagram Shopping feature. During COVID-19, this feature became a large way small businessesContinue reading “3 Instagram Shop tips YOU need to be using”