The Best Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

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7 Ways You Can Improve Your YouTube SEO

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site on the internet. Many people watch videos on YouTube for entertainment, however, that is not the only way that people use the website. Many people watch videos on YouTube to learn a skill, or a new recipe, to get help on homework, or to see how a product looks when they get it home from the store. It is important for companies to show off their products on websites like YouTube. But just because a company has a YouTube channel doesn’t mean that it will be successful. The success of most YouTube channels comes down to how well they can work with the YouTube algorithm.

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A critical factor that plays into being ranked highly in the YouTube search results is having a strong title. It is important that the title isn’t clickbait – when you purposefully title your video in a misleading way to make it sound more interesting. What you should do when you are naming a YouTube video is to keep it short at around 70 characters, offer value, and include keywords that people are looking for.

Some other things that you can do to make your YouTube channel rank higher in searches are writing good descriptions underneath videos. YouTube uses bots that read descriptions under videos to influence the search rank. They are not at a point where a bot could analyze video to find high-quality posts to recommend. So, it is helpful to write an in-depth description that describes your video. It is important to keep in mind that YouTube does not reward creators for stuffing as many keywords as they can into their titles or description. YouTube will only show the first 100 characters of a description before viewers have to click the read more button on the site so be mindful of that while writing your description. In order to be successful, you need to pick the strongest keywords that you have and use a few of them.

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Another way to rank higher in search results is to encourage people to check out your other videos at the end of your videos. This is commonly done by embedding links to those videos on the end screen. It may also help to create a playlist of your videos so your videos will automatically play in succession.

If you would like your videos to be recommended on the YouTube home screen it is important to encourage interaction with your video. You should encourage viewers to like and comment on your videos to increase the likelihood of your video being promoted. It should be the goal of the content creator to get as many likes as they can. But, YouTube changed its rating system so viewers cannot see how many dislikes a video has which means they are now helpful. Dislikes are still engagement and they will actually help your video to be recommended.

Adding a transcript to your video makes it more accessible to a larger audience and also helps your videos to be ranked higher in search results. YouTube has a feature where it automatically adds subtitles to videos, but it is not very accurate. If you add your own subtitles not only will you be able to reach a broader audience and your video will be recommended to more people. If you can, you should write subtitles in more than one language. Once you add subtitles in any language it makes it so the video will be recommended to people who are searching for videos in that language.

You should ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel in every video that you make. Gaining subscribers help your channel to build momentum and grow faster. If people engage with your video by subscribing while they are watching it influences your video rank in search results. Another benefit to gaining subscribers is that your videos will be put in their subscription box so they will not have to manually look for your content every time they want to watch it. It can be hard to get people to subscribe but asking viewers to subscribe can be an effective call to action if they like you and you are being genuine while making the request.

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Categorizing your video can help people find it who are looking for certain kinds of videos. For example, if your company sells car parts you could make a video showing viewers how to install them and put the video in the automotive category. The people who are going to be looking for videos in that category would be into cars and may purchase some of your products after being exposed to your brand. Getting a lot of views on your video is a way to increase your search rank and this tip will help you to get more views.

I hope that you can use these tips to expose more people to your videos. Keep in mind that it is very important that you put a lot of effort into picking a good title and description for the video. But it is also important to keep your viewers and subscribers engaged with your content so that your videos will be recommended more highly in the search feature.

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