The 10 Most Important Steps to Start a Successful Vlog

You know the following scenario: it’s the weekend, you’re lying in bed or on the sofa and enjoying your free time. You are on your cell phone on YouTube and scroll through the suggestions. Without even knowing it, you’re watching vlogs.

What exactly is a vlog?

A vlog is (a video blog): a record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you film and publish on the internet.

So, a vlogger is a person who takes us – you and me – through everyday life with their videos or explicitly shoots videos on specific topics. 

Are you so fond of vlogs and vlogging that you want to start your vlog? Then here are the TOP 10 steps you should follow if you want to start a successful vlog!

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Start your own Vlog! – Lets GO!

Step 1: Get the right equipment

Important here is a good camera, the right light, the perfect sound, and the right editing of the videos. Consider beforehand where you want to record your videos, how you want to film them, camera or smartphone, and pay attention to the sound ratios. If you pay attention to these points, it will help your video to get more attention.

Step 2: Choose your audience

What do you want to tell in your videos and who should they reach? The majority of the population on YouTube in America (90%) is between the ages of 18-24. This means that certain topics may not catch the attention of others, so think carefully about what you want to achieve.

Step 3: Choose your style

With your videos, you want to stand out and be recognized by the crowd. You develop elements that give you a unique identity. For this reason, you should think about how you want to present yourself and how you can emphasize your personality with music, editing, or background images before you start filming.

No idea what type of vlogger you want to be? No problem! Here are some of the most popular categories for your vlog

  • Travel – Show people your travel preparation, give them travel tips, testimonials or take them on your travels
  • Gaming – play your favorite games and share them with your followers, give them tips for the game or explain your favorites
  • Sport – Videos about sports, game clips, interviews, or analysis
  • Fashion – try on haul, the best essentials for a specific season, or simple combination options
  • Lifestyle –  Show your personal life, whether, in a routine, a follow me around, or in daily activities
  • Food – Show your favorite recipes, cook together with the followers, and create a specific series on a theme such as simple summer dishes

Step 4: The right thumbnail

The thumbnail is the first thing your followers will see of your vlog. So, it should grab their attention and encourage them to watch. Ideally, your thumbnail should contain a snippet of your vlog overlaid with the appropriate font, giving a first glimpse of the video.

Step 5: The right title

Just like the thumbnail, the title is one of the first things your followers will see in your vlog. So it should be exciting and short, as well as have the appropriate keywords related to the content.

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Step 6: Post regularly

To encourage your followers to watch your vlogs regularly, you should develop a pattern of when and how often you publish your vlogs online. This also shows new viewers that you run an active channel. It also encourages them to come back to your channel.

Step 7: Promotion

To generate even more awareness for your vlogs, you should promote them on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You should also draw attention to your social media channels in your vlogs and get your followers to follow you, like your posts and write comments.

Step 8: Follow trends

Since in this age of the internet, trends change from day to day, or even from hour to hour, you also need to adapt your vlogs to these trends of the time.  Followers always want to be up to date and will explicitly look for the latest trends. Nevertheless, you have to remember what you want to achieve with your vlogs and that you should not pretend.

Step 9: Customize your Channel

To make your channel fit, you should also personalize it. On YouTube, for example, you can create a profile picture, and a channel banner and add a description to your channel.

Step 10: Interaction

To expand your reach, even more, you can cooperate with other bloggers and produce videos together. This way, the followers of this vlogger will see you and become aware of your channel. You can also interact with your followers through giveaways, Q&A, or live videos. This gives your followers the feeling to be closer to you and to know you better.

Some more tips for your vlog: click here

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Do you need some inspiration? Do you want to have a look at what successful vloggers look like? Here are some of the most famous vloggers on YouTube:

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