YouTube: Who uses Vlogs?

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YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform. Since its launch on February 14, 2005, Youtube has been a force to be reckoned with and is the world’s third most popular online destination because of its viewers. Reaching a large younger demographic, YouTube viewers can relate to the authenticity of user-generated content. Additionally, the platform enables its users to create their own content, and as a result popular YouTubers are utilizing traditional media to build their personal brands.


One of the various ways in which individuals can grow their brands on YouTube is by Vlogging, the activity or practice of posting short videos to or maintaining a vlog. Vlogging is a great way to reach a wider audience and drive new consumers to your brand. According to Vlogology, there are various benefits as a result of creating a vlog such as:

1. A vlog builds trust with your audience

2. A vlog gives you something to look back at

3. A vlog keeps you creative

4. A vlog builds relationships

5. A vlog demonstrates your knowledge or expertise

The purpose of vlogging is to not only engage the audience through sharing video content but to also educate the audience or to build a personal relationship with the audience by giving them an insight into the daily life of a certain personality.

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Who uses Vlogs?

Anyone can use a vlog and become a vlogger whether you’re a creator, video podcasters, or a brand. This can be especially evident in brands such as Adobe (One of the biggest software developers in the world), Bon Appétit (food magazine that has been in publication since 1956), Tiege Hanley (men’s skincare subscription service), Linus Tech Tips (a tech tips channel), and WWE (the world’s biggest provider of professional wrestling).

The primary reason as to why creators, video podcasters, or brands use this method of marketing is because it simply enables viewers or consumers to consume visual content, but also allows for the audience to see the true personality of the creators, video podcasters or the brands. The creator, video podcasters, or a brand can hire someone whether it’s a loyal customer, a celebrity or influencer, or yourself to represent their brand. By having an individual represent their brand through visual content this will enable viewers to engage on a personal level more easily.

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When to use Vlogging as a Video Strategy

As a result of video, creators, video podcasters, and brands have changed the way they’re marketing to their target audiences. Because of video marketing creators, video podcasters, and brands have seen an increase in conversions in every aspect. Consumers have taken an extremely increasingly interest in vlogging. According to a survey conducted by Statista, 32 percent of participants aged 18 to 34 said they watch at least 3 vlogs per week. Vlogging grants creators, video podcasters, and brands the opportunity to drive conversions and achieve their goals. Additionally, vlogging ensures creators, video podcasters, and brands have the means of turning a boring experience into an engaging one. Some of the reasons why vlogging is effective are:

1. It create a personalized experience.

2. It promotes content.

3. It drives action.


Additionally, here are five ways videos can be the right fit for a video strategy,

1. Use Videos to Earn Backlinks and Boost Time on Site

2. Create Short Explainer Videos to Hook Your Visitors

3. Use Video Testimonials to Earn Trust of Your Prospects

4. Boost E-commerce Sales With Product How-to Videos

5. Offer Free Webinars to Generate New Leads


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Your Turn

The great thing about vlogging on YouTube is that anyone can get started. Regardless if you’re someone who simply wants to share their life with the world or a business owner wanting to grow and engage with their audience on a personal level, YouTube is the place to go. While Vlogging on YouTube may seem simple, establishing your channel or brand and growing an audience takes time and a lot of hard work. Just remember to be yourself and your audience or brand will grow!

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