Marketing Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Businesses on LinkedIn

Socially, LinkedIn is known as a useful site for employees to find new jobs and connect with other professionals, but it can be just as beneficial for the businesses. From creating connections with potential employees to posting job openings and company news, businesses can create an entire community and generate a professional reputation through their page. Unlike other social media platforms, the goal of LinkedIn is to create professional relationships and make connections with a different audience comparatively.

A simple option for businesses is to have a company page on LinkedIn and connect with employees and other businesses. By following marketing tips, businesses can network and take full advantage of the platform in order to grow their company off of LinkedIn, as well. Simple marketing strategies can go a long way. This list will compile some of the most successful tips for businesses to take their LinkedIn game to the next level.

  1. Target your specific audience and make connections
  2. Create a connection with your email marketing list
  3. Add and advertise employees
    • Show that your employees are real people! Make sure that employees have completed their profiles on LinkedIn with a profile picture, descriptive and relevant work history, and professional connections. Offer to help employees with completing these tasks if necessary. When employees reach goals, get awards, or complete a large assignment, post about it! Show that you are proud and you run a healthy work environment.
  4. Be active in LinkedIn groups
    • Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to the business’ industry and their target demographic. This gives the business an inside view on what the audience is talking about and searching for and also allows the business owner to interact and connect with other professionals. This creates connections and grows the business’ audience.

Grow the Audience Size

  1. Publish engaging content on your company page
    • New, fresh and engaging content is what drives members to a LinkedIn page. Whether it is from a company account or personal account, it has to be insightful but not to salesy. This will boost your chances of engagement.
  2. Use rich media to increase engagement
  3. Highlight your companies best content
    • By highlighting the companies best content will allow members to see what is important to the company. This could be anything from awards to company culture. The more personal the better!

Keep Content Up to Date

  1. Announce Company News
    • If you ever want to find the latest news from a company, odds are it’s on LinkedIn. They post news on there to keep members and connections up to date on that company.
  2. Announce Notable Wins
    • Posting positive news for employees when they win awards help boost engagement for your company. Connections will repost and like the post especially if pictures are involved.
  3. Use of Personal Accounts
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Following these simple tricks will help businesses to achieve their goals faster and better than possible before. Businesses should take full advantage of all possible mediums to grow and reach their audience and meet higher goals.

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I'm a senior at CCU majoring in Marketing. I'm originally from Annapolis, Maryland. Outside of school, I'm a photographer with the Coastal hockey team and like to go to the beach, spend time with my dog and work on my Jeep.

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