Effectively Using Tik Tok Sounds For Engagement

More times than not, when people think of the TikTok platform they think of the music and audio that gets featured or created on the app. Nowadays, there are many trending songs that TikTok creators will use to perform a dance or complete a challenge and then the songs will go viral. The different audio tracks can range from popular songs, to older songs, to movie quotes, or they can be “original audio tracks” that the creators can make themselves.

The question that creators have to ask is what audio tracks will help them get the most views?

Audio 1 – Listen to some of this years most viral audio tracks from Tik Tok! Playlist from Spotify! Source – https://open.spotify.com/

Where To Start?

To understand what audio tracks will help you get the most engagement on your post you first need to understand which audio tracks are the most popular at the moment. When you click to create a new video there is the option to add a sound. Underneath the sounds, there are recommended tracks, popular tracks, and different playlists with tracks that either fit different genres, seasons, or sounds that are currently going viral.

Underneath the TikTok viral playlist, the five songs that are the most used currently are :

  • Pope Is a Rockstar
  • Cheers
  • Abcdefu
  • Own Brand Freestyle
  • Title

baddies 😻 @caleb.green ( dc @dreyamac ) #fyp

♬ Own Brand Freestyle – FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac
Video 1 – An example of the “Own Brand Freestyle” dance that went viral. This is the most viewed video for this sound. The two creators in the video are doing the dance that coincides with the song. Source – https://www.tiktok.com/

Picking An Audio Track

After understanding which audio tracks are the most used on the app, we then need to figure out which Tik Tok sound we should use. To understand this we can click on other videos that use the same track that we are considering and we can watch the trends/dances/challenges that coincide with that audio track.

For instance, if we click on the Own Brand Freestyle audio we can see how many videos there are on Tik Tok that have used this audio and as we scroll down we see all the videos that were created. It becomes obvious that there is a dance trend that coincides with this audio (as seen in the linked video above). Therefore, if we were to use this audio we would want to make sure we also do the dance that goes with it. 

TikTok is an app that allows music to instantaneously connect with a trend or a dance (as seen below), therefore we need to capitalize on using these trends and dances to help us gain views. Below is a TikTok video of over 10 different TikTok trends/dances from over 2 years ago that these creators can still remember! This just goes to show that Tik Tok audio tracks do leave an impact!


anyone else miss 2019 tiktok? @jazzigroom

♬ REMIX – Ale
Video 2- The video above demonstrates how creators remember trends and dances that coincide with Tik Tok tracks. Therefore, choosing tracks is extremely significant! Source – https://www.tiktok.com/

How the Audio Will Help us Get Views

As previously mentioned, I was able to search audio tracks to see which were the most popular and when I clicked on the audio it showed me all of the videos that were created using that audio. When a creator uses any track, their video immediately goes into a folder with other videos that also use that track, and when people search up the audio they have a chance to also see the video that was created.

However, because these audio tracks have so many people creating videos with that audio, you may want to lean towards a track that is also popular but has less videos created for it so that your chances are more likely to be seen. Therefore, it may make more sense for us to use an audio track that is in the top 100 best audio tracks on TikTok right now as opposed to one of the top 5 best audio tracks. 

Putting it all together

Creating a successful video can be done in a couple simple steps

  1. Research popular tracks 
  2. Find which one best suits your message/content
  3. See how many other creators are using that track to weigh out your odds of getting noticed
  4. Watch other videos that use that track to fully understand the trend that coincides
  5. Create your video and then add your audio track over it and get recognized! 

Why Choose TikTok ?

One of the main questions that people are asking right now is why to use TikTok for marketing strategies as opposed to Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube?

TikTok has uniquely engaged the entire younger population and companies have found ways to market their products using innovative and creative ideas. By combining popular audio from famous artists with products your company is trying to market you are creating a new link between the two things. When using Tik Tok there is nothing wrong with promoting the newest makeup products that you are selling and choosing to show them off while a new Arianna Grande song plays in the background of your marketing video.

Arianna Grande is one of the biggest pop stars right now which means that videos created using her songs are getting tremendous amounts of views. If you’re posting a product with her song in the background, it is not only likely that people will view it but that they will engage with it as well. This is due to the subliminal connection their brain makes when associating this new makeup to Arianna Grande. 

Additionally, TikTok is so unique because it is able to reach out to millions of people in just seconds because of how quick the videos are consumed. As opposed to Youtube where people watch a video for 10, 15, or 20 minutes, on TikTok most videos aren’t longer than 15 seconds. This allows the content to be displayed quickly so that consumers can either interact with the content in front of them or move on to the next post.

Figure 1 – The figure above helps to compare youtube to Tik Tok and shows how Tik Tok is typically more effective for overall views and followers as opposed to youtube. Source – https://jerrybanfield.com/

Growing your views

Create your Tik Tok account today and begin posting your content.

Research and find the most popular sounds as well as the trends that go along with them and then begin creating. Make sure to post often and to try using popular songs as well as ones that aren’t that popular to see which ones help you get the most engagement.

You want to make sure you are finding the audios that are in that middle ground where people recognize the sound and the trend that goes along with it but not too popular where your video will never come up on users For You Page. 

Good luck and start creating!

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