Do YouTube Playlists Make or Break a Page?

Isn’t it always better when things are organized and easy to find? Why spend 20 minutes scrolling through thousands of Youtube videos searching for the content you want when the playlist feature can help you find it in 1 minute? That’s right, the playlist feature on Youtube is the best tool to use when it comes to organizing and optimizing your uploads.

What is a playlist?

When you hear the word playlist, most likely the first thing you think of is a bunch of songs that are grouped together in a specific way or form. A Youtube playlist isn’t much different, in fact, the only difference is that they are videos instead of songs. Youtube playlists are a feature that allows any account user to organize and optimize their videos in any fashion they would like, similar to how songs are grouped into playlists by themes, genres, likings, moods, or even most listened. These playlists propose numerous amounts of hidden benefits that go unnoticed, but with a little knowledge, you will soon realize how easy and effective this tool is when it comes to organizing a large Youtube channel.


Why use playlists?

Youtube playlists are definitely 100% worth it when it comes to organizing your Youtube channel. It is the main reason why playlists are used. Users are much more pleased when they go on a channel that is well organized and easy to navigate. Companies and individual users that use playlists on their Youtube channel are usually the ones with the highest retention rate. Many people will get frustrated or give up when they can’t find the content they are looking for which is why playlists eliminate the chances of that happening.

“Your channel icon visually represents your channel everywhere across Google and YouTube, so make sure it looks good large and small.”

Youtube’s own words –

Whether you are looking for a specific song or a product in the grocery store, it’s always nicer when things are organized and easy to find. However, even if you could care less about being organized, here are a few other benefits that youtube playlists provide.

  • Playlists can easily tell new users what the channel is about
    • For some, unorganized, large amounts of content can be overwhelming. A lot of the time people will go on youtube searching for a certain topic and come across channels they have never seen or heard of before. With the playlist feature, they are allowed to see will just a quick glance what the channel is all about. They may decide that the channel has what interests them or they can quickly determine that its not the page for them. Quick, simple, and easy!
  • Boost in acknowledgment
    • Playlists can also appear on search engine results just like single videos can. Because playlists include more than one video, they have a lot of key words. Those key words increase the chances of appearing on search engine results.


Make sure your playlists titles and descriptions are thought out. They need to be consistent with keywords that are in the video so that the search engines links them as related content.
  • More playlists more views!
    • By putting your videos into playlists, it’s almost the same as putting them into themes. By doing this you are letting youtube know these videos are related to each other. This gives your video the chance to appear on the right sidebar of viewers’ screens where “related videos” pop up and are almost surely looked at.
  • Increase in watch time
    • Just like song playlists, youtube playlists play one video after another. Once one video ends, the next one automatically starts. Viewers are more likely to stay and keep watching if the videos keep rolling. Not only does this increase the channels overall watch time, but it also helps improve your channels reach on youtube.
  • Playlists providing value and saving time
    • YouTube playlists are also great to just throw on and to have on in the background. It is very easy to continue with your daily tasks and still listen at the same time. There’s no searching and no having to worry about whats coming up next. It saves lots of time and offers outstanding value.

It is a no-brainer that these playlists do more than just organize your videos. With all these benefits, it would be silly not to take the time to create a playlist. If you need something to boost recognition, acknowledgment, and retention, the playlist feature is something you should get working on!

Brand Example – Nike

Nike has a variety of playlists that give viewers a very wide range of content. Their playlists are very detailed and specific, each including multiple videos. Below I listed some of the playlists and what videos you will most likely find in those playlists.

  • Nike
    • 1.67 million subscribers
    • Over 300 videos
    • Close to 500 million views
  • Playlists
    • Athletes
      • Stronger than one series
      • Different series about athletes (Giannis)
      • Commercials
    • Innovation
      • Videos that promote change, or teach you new things
    • Nike for Kids
    • Wellness
      • How-to videos (workouts)
      • Athletes cookbook
    • Nike Family

How are these playlists created?

Creating playlists is almost as easy as tying your shoes!

There are just a few simple steps to follow when creating a playlist. Before you start you will want to think about what videos you want to group together and what you are going to title the playlists. Remember, it is important to really give some thought to these titles and avoid any basic title names. Once you know what content you want to group together, you can start the process!

For creating a playlist…

  1. First locate the video or videos you want to put into the playlist
  2. Under the video will be a save button, it will say save and have this icon next to it click that
  3. A option will come up to create a new playlist, or save the video for later. You will click create new playlist and type in the name of your new playlist
  4. A box will be provided to select your playlists privacy settings. Private means only you will be able to view your playlists and public means that it is open to the public to view
  5. Once you have adjusted the settings, hit the create button

All Youtube playlists can be found on the homepage on the left side of your screen!

If you ever want to edit or delete your playlists, the steps for that are even easier!

For editing…

  1. Select the playlist you would like to edit in the guide
  2. Click Edit by the section you’d like to change

To delete a playlist…

  1. Go to one of your playlists
  2. Click the Menu 
  3. Select Delete playlist 
  4. Confirm that you want to delete your playlist by selecting Delete

Here is a visual on how to create a playlist, it explains step by step and walks you through from start to finish on how to create your own:)

Here are some helpful resources that can help generate ideas for playlists…

Here is a tik tok that helps me discover new music everyday and allows me to add to my playlist!

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