Using LinkedIn to Boost Sale Leads

What is Social Selling?

Sales Representatives use their Social networks to find the right customer market, build relationships with potential customers, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals. This technique eliminates the need for old fashion “Cold-Calling” and traditional sales techniques by creating relationships through trusted networks and creating those relationships with the right prospects. By liking, commenting and sharing prospects and customers’ posts a sales rep indirectly creates credibility by showing their interest for what the customer is interested in, while sharing their company’s content. This promotional technique is commonly used while interacting on LinkedIn.

The 4 Aspects of Social Selling

  1. Create a Professional Brand– Creating a professional profile buyers can trust is essential to being a top vendor. Being an active member in your industry is imperative to generating inquiries and leads.
  2. Focus on the right prospects– Connect with prospects more efficiently than ever due to the ease of identifying markets and industries. Use available tools to narrow down aspects your looking for in your ideal client.
  3. Engage with insights– Share relevant industry news, comment on industry updates, keep up with prospects’ news, and always be building your professional brand. Interact with content from your company and potential leads. Regularly be sharing your company’s content. This could lead to traffic to you and your company’s website or page.
  4. Build trusted relationships– Build trust by creating personal relationships with prospects. Focus on each buyers needs before the sale. This takes time and ongoing effort to nurture a relationship with a potential buyer.

LinkedIn Has The Leads

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional Network with over 590 million users in 200 countries. Each person’s profile contains personal and professional information creating a better opportunity to sell to them as a potential buyer. Not only does this information help when creating a relationship with a potential client, but these are also what you filter prospects off of to find your target market.

Useful information provided to you as a seller include:

  • career summary
  • work history
  • professional skills
  • education
  • hobbies
  • industry
  • location
  • Shared Content
  • Connections
  • photo
  • ect.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Why You Should Invest

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for B2B, or Business to Business selling. The platform makes it an optimal space for sales representatives to reach out to potential buyers, as we already know using the social selling technique. To go the extra mile, LinkedIn has created an extension of their platform called Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is their premium service priced at $79.99 per month. This tool helps reps identify new leads based on their location, industry, company size, and much more to help you build a prospect list. This ensures you target the right buyers, understand key insights, and makes your outreach personalized. This addition of the platform is made specifically for individuals who are looking to get connected with new leads more effectively, increase their traffic, and close more deals.

Splurging on this eliminates common issues in the sales industry such as missing out on key players in the buying market, difficulty finding prospects, or constantly dealing with stale data. Tackling these problems start with empowering leaders, strengthening relationships, and acquiring new opportunities. Some features Sales Navigator provides are Advanced search, allowing you to narrow your search to the best leads. Once you’ve found those, capabilities to manage top prospects are right there for your organization. News and updates on your top prospects are tracked on your account for you, and possibly your team to be notified on.


How to Generate a Lead Using Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator gives you the opportunity to directly reach your target market from 400 million profiles. It has become clear that Navigator has enabled efficiency and productivity within salespeople by eliminating some of the hardest, most time consuming parts of the traditional sales process. The way you sell has not changed, the accuracy and quality of leads has just been stream-lined through Sales Navigator.

Here’s how it could work for you:

  1. Build your professional profile. Appeal to prospect’s trust. Be knowledgeable and confident on your Company, product or service and yourself.
  2. Create an ideal client profile and enter into the advance search. Sales Navigator will automatically sift through profiles to narrow down to top leads recommended to you. This just accelerated the process for you so you can start making connections.
  3. Use the filtered lead list to connect with and/or obtain information to reach them for potential business.
  4. Connect and share your business profiles using social selling technique. Share content based on your ideal clients and their industries. Connect with your prospect’s content. Like, comment, share and continue to nurture this relationship.

Nurture your relationships on LinkedIn

Liking Posts

A like on LinkedIn is perfect for the moments you may not have much to add on the content conversation to comment, but still want to interact. A like would also be an ideal “thank you” if someone has shared your content on their page.


An effective comment is not writing in your sales pitch or leaving a link to your website, but rather take the time to come up with a thought-provoking response to the article or content at hand. use this interaction tool to create conversation and keep it going with a potential client.

Sharing Content

Post! Post! Post! Share content your target market takes interest in and be posting often. As a seller you always want to be building your credibility. A trick to posting content is to mix in your own company’s content with other people’s content, so you do not come off as self-serving.


You want to make it your goal to have a meaningful interaction online or in-person before connecting on LinkedIn. You may send a personalized InMail message on why you would like to connect with their network. For example, you could reference a blog post the person wrote or bring up recent content they have shared recently. This indicates that you did your research.

Add these skills and tools to increase leads and increase potential toward a sale.

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