Content that Generates Leads, LinkedIn Style

Social Selling and Lead Generation LinkedIn is the Largest Professional Network on social media and is intended to directly lead to business and enables users to find and share opportunities everyday. It is one of the most trust worthy sources and is an extremely effective platform and tool for lead generation. Statistically, 80% of socialContinue reading “Content that Generates Leads, LinkedIn Style”

How Content Strategy Can Give You the Edge

CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT! Everyone is always thinking about how to put out content for the world to obsess over, to share, to react, and to click on. Content can be used for good and for evil. Putting out content can also be messy and confusing, but when you know how to put out content, itContinue reading “How Content Strategy Can Give You the Edge”

Marketing Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Businesses on LinkedIn

Socially, LinkedIn is known as a useful site for employees to find new jobs and connect with other professionals, but it can be just as beneficial for the businesses. From creating connections with potential employees to posting job openings and company news, businesses can create an entire community and generate a professional reputation through theirContinue reading “Marketing Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Businesses on LinkedIn”

NEW PODCAST: How to Create a Successful Linkedin Profile (Episode #10)

In this episode of our Teaching Social Media podcast, we hear from marketing student, Luke Nusslein about several tips to create a successful Linkedin profile. For more information, you can also read Luke’s blog article. Teaching Social Media Podcast Episode 10: How to Create a Successful Linkedin Profile [ Listen on: Anchor | Spotify | Apple podcasts ] 🎧 If you haveContinue reading “NEW PODCAST: How to Create a Successful Linkedin Profile (Episode #10)”

How LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a solution for Social Selling

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be a very useful tool for companies to have a social selling program. It is a platform that enables virtual selling for sales reps to build and keep relationships with their buyers in an organized and efficient way. Some of its features includes enhanced search capabilities, more availability to sales networks,Continue reading “How LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a solution for Social Selling”

8 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is largest professional network on the internet and is perfect for job seekers, building relationships, or people wanting to learn skill sets for their career. All LinkedIn profiles are unique based on your experience, skills, and education, like the format of a resume. LinkedIn members can use this platform to connectContinue reading “8 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile”

How to Make a Successful LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a very important tool to use to further your professional career. The single greatest asset of LinkedIn is the ability to network with professionals from around the world. Since this platform is for business it is important to keep your content serious and professional unlike most other social platforms. Below some tips andContinue reading “How to Make a Successful LinkedIn Profile”

Using LinkedIn to Boost Sale Leads

What is Social Selling? Sales Representatives use their Social networks to find the right customer market, build relationships with potential customers, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals. This technique eliminates the need for old fashion “Cold-Calling” and traditional sales techniques by creating relationships through trusted networks and creating those relationships with the right prospects. ByContinue reading “Using LinkedIn to Boost Sale Leads”