How to Make a Successful LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a very important tool to use to further your professional career. The single greatest asset of LinkedIn is the ability to network with professionals from around the world. Since this platform is for business it is important to keep your content serious and professional unlike most other social platforms. Below some tips and strategies to remember when making your profile that will be discussed.

Profile Photo

It is vital to pick a good profile picture for your LinkedIn account. It is important to remember to have a clear picture with good lighting where the viewer can clearly define the photo. It is also important to have proper business attire on in your photo. When a potential employer or recruiter sees it you need to look ready for the job. Finally, the picture should be professionally done or taken by someone else there should not be selfies on your profile. For LinkedIn Profile picture tips visit the link below.

Highlight Skills

When creating your linkedIn profile it is important to highlight your skills within your profile. Focusing on and promoting your best skills will help catch the eye or recruiters viewing your profile and increase your odds of getting a chance at an interview and even hired. This is a time to show off your skills in your profile and brag a little bit . Also, to strengthen your claims provide examples of a project completed with these skills or a time when you used these skills on the job. Alison Doyle


When posting on LinkedIn it is important to keep your content professional Avoid any controversial content that may alienate potential employers like politics or religion. Post content related to your work experience or professional life, save unprofessional content for other planforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Once a recruiter sees unprofessional content or comments there is not a chance they will reach out for an interview.


Networking is the biggest advantage of LinkedIn and what the site is used for the most. Once your LinkedIn profile is properly complete, use LinkedIn’s resources to connect with professionals in your field, a field you want to move into someday, or with professionals from your dream job. Connecting with these successful people will open up so many opportunities for the growth of your career. LinkedIn gives recruiters from all over the world the chance to see your profile and to reach out for a job which is why all of the tips mentioned previously are important to follow when making your profile. The following link will give some do’s and don’t of LinkedIn networking

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