Key Ways to Make Your YouTube Vlog Successful

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A vlog (short for “video blogging”) is the daily practice of capturing and sharing vlogs characteristically featuring a vlogger shooting themselves at arm’s length throughout their everyday activities. Since the early 2005’s vlogs have been more popular than ever thanks to youtube. Youtube is a video-sharing service where anyone who has an account can upload videos, while both account holders and non-account holders can watch, like, share, and comment on them. You can access the YouTube platform from any smart phone, PCs, laptops, and tablets.

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Create Your Brand

A vlogger is an authentic, inspirational, indefinable individual who interacts directly with viewers and makes it easy to engage with them. They allow the viewers to get a glimpse into their lives. Different forms of vlogs surface on the internet every day. If you are thinking of starting a vlog, make sure to pick a Vlog topic that stands out to you so you will be able to have fun with it. Getting a glimpse into other people’s lives is why people enjoy vlogs so much.

Different types of vlogs:

  • Personal Vlogs (house tour, morning or night routine, rants, daily actives, make up routine)
  • Funny Vlogs (Pranks, Challenges, Reaction Videos, fun times with friends)
  • Informational Vlogs (How to, Explain a concept, Review)
  • Travel Vlogs (What I pack for my beach trip, Traveling tips, Traveling videos)
  • Fitness Vlogs (Work out videos, How to eat healthy, Daily tips to stay active)
  • Friend Vlogs (How we spend our together, How we met, What we do on the weekends, trips you’ve taken together)
  • Vlogs with others (Question and Answers, Challenges, Giveaways)
  • Miscellaneous Vlogs (Gaming Videos, Video Editing)

Examples of Vloggers on Youtube:

(Clicking the names will take you to their youtube page)

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Pick Your Audience 

Now pick who you want viewing your video. The Vlog topic should be ideal for the targeted audience you want. Keep in mind over 70% of YouTube users are in their mid-20s. This means certain topics might not be their first choice. Note YouTube pays accounts that get a certain number of views if they follow guidelines. So if your target audience is older, look back at the guidelines for what you can post.

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Behind The Scenes

First, pick a place where you plan to film this vlog. When it comes to filming it involves more than you with the camera. You’ll have to decide if you are using a camera or a smartphone. The Elements that help the vlog get views include.


  • listen back to ensure that what you say is heard. Use an external microphone when recording.


  • Shooting indoors – be careful of windows and lighting. A white sheet draped over a window can work magic for your video. Put lights in front of you rather than behind you.


  • As a beginner, my suggestion is that, recording videos in small clips and combine them during the editing process. This makes editing easier. You can add some entertainment to your videos by adding transitions, text, and music. Make sure you add in a catchy title that relates to your topic.


  • Short videos are more likely to be watched. Do not have a super long introduction or anything that might take away from your vlog.


  • If you have editing skills (memes, good at transition), a funny personality, or can tell a good story, you will surely entertain viewers. Show them who you really are. No matter how you look at it, we all enjoy quality vlogs often.

You can also look for more ways to make your vlog stand out.

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Promote Your Vlog

Promoting your blog is the best way to attract more views to your channel. The easiest way to promote your vlog is by using other resources around you. Even though most people do not have thousands of followers, it is still possible to get the attention of multiple people especially by promoting on other social media platfoms.

Use other social media platforms

  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and any other media
  • Post little clips of your vlog on those platforms to get people’s attention
  • Post count downs until you posting the vlog
  • Have friends and family share it on their accounts

Have your viewers help

  • Giveaways where they have to tag friends to enter
  • Do question and answers
  • Collaborate with other vlogs
  • do meet and greats

Brand deals

  • Reach out to local businesses or organize and ask to create a discount code for their products using your name
  • Offer to use their stores or brands in your videos
  • Have them post you on their sites

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