Are you sick of getting no views on your posts? What about your bare comment section? It doesn’t have to be that way…

What if I told you that by reading this blog you could put an end to all of your problems on your companies content?

The solution is simple: TikTok.


What is TikTok?

First of all, I would be very shocked if you didn’t know what this app was by now. But if you don’t, here you go. 

TikTok is a social media app used to create and share videos. Most of the videos tend to be music focused, with sound effects, and different filters to record short clips. There are DIY and craft videos, sketches, comedy, anything you want. According to TikTok has over one billion active users and 63 percent of which are between the ages of 10 and 29. In 2020, TikTok was the most globally downloaded app. Today, these users spend more than 850 minutes per month on the app and collectively view more than 1 billion videos daily.

What are TikTok Challenges?

A TikTok challenge is a call to take some sort of action and record it via TikTok video. Typically, these challenges originate from viral TikTok videos usually involving a song, dance move, movie quote, etc. Of course, a challenge isn’t complete without its defining hashtag in the video’s description.

Challenges are a unique way to get your audience to create user generated content that aligns with your brand. When TikTok challenges are done right, they tend to gain traction and spread like crazy on the app. states that they are one of the most engaging tactics you can use on the platform. Your brand can utilize them to build awareness, create relatable content, and grow your TikTok community.

How to find TikTok Challenges?

For starters, you will often find challenges scrolling on the ‘For You Page’ but you can easily find them through other ways. You can also search for challenges by using the Discover feature. There, you will see trending videos which might show new viral challenges. You can also use the search function to find challenges. This way you can look up the word “challenges” or even a specific challenge.


How Do Challenges Help Your Brand?

First of all, doing challenges (if done correctly) can grow your business majorly. Challenges reach millions of people that not only watch but participate. There are many ways to grow your brand through challenges. It can be by joining in on existing challenges, participating but with a bit of a twist, creating your own, or by promoting it. Branded challenges are very effective because they make the brand feel more personable and relatable. If you want your sales to grow significantly, TikTok challenges are definitely the way to go. 

What does a Challenge Consist of?

If you want your challenge to be successful, which I’m sure you do… otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Here are a few different components that you should include when creating your challenge. These being:

  • ### Hashtags! ###
  • Popular soundtrack
  • Your brand

TikTok hashtag challenges can be extremely helpful in strengthening your brand’s presence on the platform. You can win more followers, engage your current followers, and create a good brand image from just one hashtag. Hashtags will make your challenge. It is where every video will be posted to participate in the challenge. Hashtags will also allow users to easily search for videos they’re interested in, join conversations they care about and increase a post’s chance on peoples For You Page.

Just as important as a hashtag is using a popular/trending soundtrack. Adding a trending TikTok sound to your videos increases the chances of it going viral and appearing on the For You page. A single viral video can translate into thousands of followers or participants. 

Finally, including your brand can be something you do but does not have to be. Although including it will create awareness for your brand and will make your brand more recognizable. All three of these components will leave a positive outcome for your challenge. It will create more sales/revenue, views, and conversation about your brand.  

Guac Chipotle Dance Challenge

Chipotle did a challenge called the #guacdance challenge. People would dance along to a “Guacamole Song” in honor of National Avocado Day. Chipotle saw a 65% increase in guacamole orders on that day. The #guacdance hashtag currently has 1.1 Billion views.


#AerieREAL Positivity Challenge

Aeries challenged users to share three things they were grateful for while dancing along to a custom song that they produced, while using the hashtag #AerieREALpositivity. They even had big name influencers participate in the challenge such as Charli D’amelio who now has 136 million followers on TikTok. According to as of now the campaign has driven 2.1B+ video views, and over 562,100 video creations. Aerie gained 16,049 Instagram followers over one weekend, AND 15K TikTok followers. Here is one of Charli D’amelios #AerieREALpositivty TikToks: @charlidamelio.

The main picture is Charli D’amelio who participated in the challenge with 136 million followers.

Laura Mercier #ReadySETgo Challenge

Laura Mercier created a challenge for their new translucent setting powder. The challenge would consist of you showing your new powder and doing a ‘transition’ of you fully ready with your pretty makeup on. You would should show how you get “set” for the day and use the hashtag #readySETgo for a chance to win $1,000 worth of products. According to TikTok The brand had 19.6 million people to launch their branded hashtag challenge. #ReadySETgo has received over 8.1 billion impressions and 2,500 pieces of user generated content.


Simply posting videos of your product on TikTok isn’t going to cut it. You have to up your game… get creative and have some fun! Create challenges that take advantage of TikTok’s many tools.

Start creating your own TikTok challenges Here!

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