How LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a solution for Social Selling

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be a very useful tool for companies to have a social selling program. It is a platform that enables virtual selling for sales reps to build and keep relationships with their buyers in an organized and efficient way. Some of its features includes enhanced search capabilities, more availability to sales networks, as well as assisting you to making the right decision at the right time.,with%20their%20buyers%20at%20scale.

What does the LinkedIn Sales Navigator do?

There are three key elements that the sales navigator uses to help companies with social selling. It targets people or companies that can relate to your product or service. It also tracks key developments in the market such as trends, decision makers, and opportunities that can benefit a company. It therefore engages companies and people alike with an easy way to converse and connect with people through LinkedIn. All of these key elements allow for companies to have a feasible way to network.

Important Features

  • Extended Network Access – the sales navigator allows its users to have unlimited access to the LinkedIn global networks.
  • Advanced Searching Tools – this tool allows you to condense your searches and customize your settings to be able to find the best results that cater to your company or product.
  • Prioritize Opportunities – your searches will automatically highlight noteworthy results in a feature called Sales Spotlights, which will connect you with people with similar interests and experiences that may benefit you.
  • Keep Track of People and Companies – sales navigator constantly gives you updates and alerts on people and companies updates so you can be informed and up to date.

Other tools to help navigate LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Customer Success Stories – this tool shows how other companies have utilized LinkedIn Sales Navigator to benefit their company.
  • Sales Navigator Learning Center – this tool can be used for start-up guides, navigating questions, and how-to’s on how to better your profile or use the site.
  • Sales Navigator Community – this is an interactive platform for individuals to share knowledge and experiences they’ve had for everyone interested to see.
  • LinkedIn Learning Course – this feature assists you with learning the more advanced features of the sales navigator. This link includes a crash course on how to use this feature:

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