Reel Talk: 7 ways your brand can use Instagram Reels

happy multiethnic women having fun while using gadgets in cafeteria

Why should my company use an Instagram Reel?

How do I Make an Instagram Reel?

1)Starting off first you need to figure out what you are planning to share. Will it be a promotional video? A video to meet your staff to become more personal? A day in the life in the office video?  Or even just a video answering some of your most asked questions? 

3)The next step begins with creating your content and putting it all together whether it was previously made content or new content you decide to record. 

4)Then lastly make sure you title is and tag everyone you would like then hit the upload button. 

7 ways your brand can use Instagram Reels:

Here are 7 examples of ways your brand can use and take advantage of Instagram Reels. 

Urban Decay Cosmetics new launch for their She Hulk makeup line collaborating with Disney+
@jaleesajaikaran joining in on the #WrittenInGlossier challenge
@itsnathanlust showing off his dance moves with a Starbucks coffee
Wade is proudly showing off his accomplishments in and out of Publix Stores

Convinced Yet?

In a summary Instagram Reels can be used to your brands advantage. They can be used to promote what you offer in a fun and quick 90 second video. Reels have the ability to increase liked and interaction on your brands social media pages not only Instagram. They can also increase brand awareness and bring a new demographic to your content viewers. Your brand can benefit from Instagram Reels so exponentially over time.

So, will your brand Reel out and start using Instagram Reels to better their social media future? Tell us in the comments about your favorite Reels strategy.


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