Spook-tacular Ways Brands are Utilizing Halloween

jack o lantern on brown wooden surface

The time for spooky costumes and overflowing bags of candy is almost here! But while you’re busy deciding on a costume, many brands are deciding how to trick out their products for Halloween. Marketing and PR teams have already been hard at work to give us seasonal products and promotions to help get us in the spirit.

Here’s how some of your favorite brands are celebrating!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Source: Target

Trick-or-treating, unfortunately, only comes around once a year. Candy companies know they have to develop their products to appeal to kids and parents alike if they want to get in those candy bags. That’s why Reese’s, a Halloween staple, gets a makeover every fall.

Their assorted seasonal shapes include pumpkins, ghosts, and bats. They even release a “franken-cup” with green creme for the holiday as an extra treat. The packaging often features animated cobwebs, spiders, and bats for maximum spookiness. Reese’s also ensures stores are heavily stocked with bags of their individually packaged cups as the company knows these are the easiest to give to trick-or-treaters and are guaranteed to sell out during Halloween.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush PR Halloween Product Promo Shoot

Lush Cosmetics is one of the most popular companies for women (and men!) looking to buy bath bombs, shower gels, face masks, and much more. Their audience knows them as being affordable, high quality, and sustainable with unique product designs year-round.

This year, they’re bringing the treats to you. Their new collection, released on August 31st, features products in the shape of tarantulas, ghosts, and even a Bigfoot claw! With collections titled “Toil and Trouble” and “Lord of Misrule,” Lush knows how to get their customers looking and feeling spooktacular.

These products are also eligible for their “Bring it Back” program. This program allows customers to bring empty product packaging back to the store. After 5 of these returns, they’ll give you a free face mask! October is the perfect time for this program. Once you’re done with their Halloween products, you can get one of their Christmas masks for free.


PetSmart Halloween

Wish you could involve your pets in the Halloween festivities? Thanks to PetSmart, you can! They feature seasonal treats, costumes, and even a LED Dog Necklace to make your dog easy to spot while you’re trick-or-treating. Many of their stores also host events for you and your “four-legged beasties” in October. You can decorate treats for your pets and photo booth pictures with them.

PetSmart makes sure to advertise their new products in the best way: with more adorable pets than you can count! They’ll even hold contests some years where people can post their pets in cute costumes on Instagram captioned #HowWeHalloween to win PetSmart products and gift cards.


Shein recently blew up online, attracting teens and college students to their website filled with an endless array of cheap clothing, home decor, and more. Originally loved for their bathing suits, they’ve now become one of the most popular and trusted brands. This year, they’re featuring a new collection of Halloween costumes and decor.

You can head to their mobile app or website to find affordable costumes, jewelry, sweaters, and even phone cases–all designed for Halloween. They’re marketing their products this season with the catchy line “Who’s your alter ego?” to encourage Halloween purchases from the company. If looking spooky on a budget isn’t enough, they even feature their customers on their Instagram occasionally. Just post a picture in one of their products captioned #SHEINhalloween for a chance!

Urban Decay

Let Makeup Be Your Halloween Costume (urbandecay.com)

Urban Decay is one of the most beloved makeup brands available and they’re known for promoting over-the-top makeup looks. If you’re a makeup lover looking to knock out everyone’s souls with a spectacular look, then go no further than Urban Decay’s website. They have an entire section dedicated to Halloween designs titled “Let Makeup Be Your Halloween Costume.”

On this website, you can find different makeup looks perfect for “a pretty different Halloween.” They feature video and written tutorials, as well as links to all the products you’ll need to complete the look. You can buy these products straight from their website or check for their availability at your local makeup store.


Halloween WordPress Deals 2022 – Best Discounts And Promos (wpism.com)

Everyone’s favorite blog publishing platform, WordPress, is also joining in on the holiday fun! They love to give out treats during the season, including deals on products and plans to their website and affiliates. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own blog, there’s never been a more perfect time. Go to their website to get your first four months of WP Engine free or find Bluehost plans for as low as $2.95/month. Some of these deals are so good, that they’re too spooky to be true.

While Halloween might be full of creepy ghouls and scary witches, there are plenty of treats to be found! The season is full of deals, specials, and fun from many of your favorite brands.

Comment and let us know what your favorite Halloween specials are.

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