Facebook Live vs. Watch: What’s the difference?

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Facebook Live & Facebook Watch

  • Facebook Watch is builtin into Facebook and is also an app you can download. Watch is an on-demand service that combines video sharing with on-demand content.
  • Facebook Live is a feature of Facebook that allows its users to live broadcast where they are and what they are doing to the audience that pops in to see. It is often utilized by small businesses.

Brands’ Use of Live/Watch

  • Larger Brands typically use the Live/Watch feature to keep up with their status with Facebook and to promote products/services
    • Big brand names such as Benefit Cosmetics use Facebook Live/Watch to promote new upcoming deals, holiday events, sales, and new products
    • Brands don’t nessecerily do “Live shopping events” however they do have live events for pop-up events, new location openings, and other location events.
  • Small Businesses typically use this feature from Facebook to have “Live shopping events”.
    • Live Shopping has not only boosted sales for small businesses but it can be fun for their audience too. (But that’s a section for another time)
    • Small businesses use of the Facebook live feature keeps their business in, well, business. Facebook live is such a crucial feature of the way small businesses thrive it’s that piece of the puzzle that drives their sales.
    • Oftentimes most small businesses rely on the Facebook Live feature to drive their sales and engagement.

Engagement with their Audience

  • As talked about before small businesses use the Live feature to engage with their audience most of the time through sales. Small businesses engage with their audience during Live sessions through not only sales but also through deals in the middle of the Live. Often times small businesses will through deals, discounts, and extra “throw-ins” into their audience’s order or to the audience, in general, to bring in more engagement.
  • Brands engage with their audience through the Live feature by answering the audience’s questions during live events revolving around “pop-ups” or anything really. Brands will mostly use Facebook Live to engage with their audience on their questions to keep that viewer loyalty.

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