Legal Contest: What Needs To Be Understood To Have a Legal Promotion.

So you want to run a contest or sweepstake on social media? Pretty much all brands that you know do some sort of contest via their social media channels but the most important question to ask is how do they go about it? Something to take into consideration is what can turn a sweepstake orContinue reading “Legal Contest: What Needs To Be Understood To Have a Legal Promotion.”

How Your Favorite Creators Make Money Through Social Media

A creator fund is an official fund established by a platform to pay creators for the content they create on the app. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter all have created different programs that fit their network and their creators. Here is everything you need to know about how you are helping your favorite creatorsContinue reading “How Your Favorite Creators Make Money Through Social Media”

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is a great way to get the word out about your business or to show current consumers what your business has to offer such as new products or services. The reason behind that is even people who don’t really like Facebook still use it to stay in touch with family and friends. Once yourContinue reading “Facebook Marketing Tips”

How Social Audio is Changing the World

Social media has come so far over the last few years and continues to grow bigger and better for us consumer. Recently we have started to see a boom in the overall use of social audio in our everyday lives whether it be through general communication or through schooling, but in the business world asContinue reading “How Social Audio is Changing the World”

Challenging Privacy Ethics

Imagine if someone could make an algorithm that could predict how you act, think or even talk. Now think about how someone could do this simply based on your social media activity, not requiring a single in-person encounter to predict any of these things. This has been proven to be possible for years now, butContinue reading “Challenging Privacy Ethics”

The Great Hack: Behind the Scenes of the Facebook Data Crisis

“The Great Hack” weaves together elements of how breakthroughs in computer technology and data analysis have enabled a large-scale, global spread of a new form of the social experiment that involves changing the world in a specific image. Anyone with a Facebook account or any other social media account that leaves a digital footprint shouldContinue reading “The Great Hack: Behind the Scenes of the Facebook Data Crisis”

“Surveillance Capitalism” The Less You Know The Better

This article is going to analysis Surveillance capitalism and the things surrounding it by looking at the following. The History Of Surveillance Capitalism What Companies Get From It And Why They Do It Negative Impacts On The Consumer “Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism” And “The Great Hack” Final Words The History Of Surveillance Capitalism TheContinue reading ““Surveillance Capitalism” The Less You Know The Better”

Increasing reach through Employee Advocacy

What is an Employee Advocacy Program? A simple definition of employee advocacy is the promotion of a brand or company content by an employee of that company. Most people are used to seeing their favorite influencers/celebs promote a brand but in this case the promotion is done by the companies own employees. Examples of EmployeeContinue reading “Increasing reach through Employee Advocacy”