IG Reels Are the New Big Thing!

Instagram Reels is a feature on Instagram that allows users to create short videos that are roughly 15-30 seconds long. These videos can be shot through the platform or externally and uploaded to reels. Instagram allows you to edit and add sounds and effects to the videos you create. These videos are designed to be on other users’ pages that don’t already follow you, and therefore help grow your following. The algorithm basis this off of your niche. For example, if you create videos of your dogs, the videos will pop up on other user’s accounts that interact with dog videos. This is based off watch time, likes, comments, and also shares.

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“By making a reel, the algorithm will take it to the Explore Page, and this will not only increase awareness of your brand but will give you the chance to get more engagement that can become good leads.”

Why Are Instagram Reels So Important Right Now? (marketingmademodern.com)

Brands Number 1 Pick for Advertising

Instagram Reels allows users to implement a spectacular strategy within digital marketing. The reels are visible in the news feed due to the algorithm, which helps spread brand awareness. If you produce good quality content that is engaging and “reels” the user in, your engagement and following will rise. This is perfect for brands that are trying to get their product out to the public in various ways.

Creators are allowed to choose trending sounds that are going to stick with the viewer so they will remember your product or brand when hearing the sound. Brands find creators to promote their product on reels so they can draw an audience that feels connected to a real person that uses their products. They can show how the product works and its benefits in a short video in a way that is quick and effective.

Here are a few benefits for brands using reels to connect to their audience and advertise:

  • Boost engagement bringing in more buyers
  • Allows creativity to promote the product and be different from other companies
  • Free advertising
  • Creates connections

“The benefits are way too intriguing for you to ignore Reels.”

How brands are using Instagram Reel : Socialee

Competition with TikTok?

Instagram reels and TikTok are very similar in many ways. They both deliver content in short videos that you are able to share with the world in many different styles and have over a billion active users every month. Reels were introduced four years after TikTok, so it is still fairly fresh and is constantly being improved but is still very competitive with TikTok. One advantage Instagram Reels has is you can access the creators Instagram account and message them directly, but with TikTok you have to be friends with the creator to message them. This can be a huge networking tool for reels. https://influencermarketinghub.com/reels-vs-tiktok/

Posting “Tips” and “Promotions”

Posting tips and tricks about your product or industry is a really great way to build an audience through reels. Let’s say you have a cleaning business. You could post your title as, “The top cleaning products used today,” and then talk about the product your company uses and show how to use them effectively. This engages the consumer and reels them in to not only your product, but your page as well. Another effective method is to tease the audience by giving sneak peaks of upcoming products and ideas that you may be launching. This will help you gain a following because the audience is excited to see what is next and will be waiting for the next video and product.

“Instagram Reels are great for brands looking to build awareness, cultivate community, increase followers, and promote products.”

What is Instagram Reels? Complete Guide (meltwater.com)

Tying it Together

As you realize the importance of posting Instagram Reels for your business and brand, it’s time to utilize the opportunity. Plan out a schedule on how many days a week you would like to post content. Consistency is a key element and will help your account grow. Try out which types of content perform the best for your product and stick with it. You can make tweaks throughout your journey but one thing you should never do is give up and stop posting.

All these helpful tips can lead you in the right direction of success through Instagram Reels. So, what is stopping your from beginning your journey of success? Below are some links listed that gives you an overview of Instagram Reels.

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