NEW PODCAST: Season 2 launches with episodes on LinkedIn, TikTok and SnapChat

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As you may know by now, my social media marketing students are researching social media topics each semester and become contributing authors to this blog as part of MKTG 452 Social Media Marketing at Coastal Carolina University. What you might not know, is that some students are also working on podcasts as well. It’s because of their efforts that we are now able to bring you Season 2 of the Teaching Social Media podcast with my Fall 2022 semester students.

Here are our latest episodes that just published in the last few weeks.

Season 2 Episode 1:

Get LinkedIn with your Customers: Keys for a Successful LinkedIn Company Page

Sam Bedard, Senior Marketing Major, and Gabby Ward, Event Coordinator at The Morris Group, discuss some of the keys to running a company LinkedIn Page.

Play on: Anchor | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Season 2 Episode 2:

Tok & Chat: How You Can Utilize TikTok And Snapchat Tools To Promote Sales For Your Business

Leah Bailer (Senior Marketing Major), Dyneira Brown (Senior Communication Major), and Haley Cable (Junior Communication Major) discuss how to utilize trendy challenges, audio, and Augmented Reality features on TikTok and Snapchat. 

Play on: Anchor | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Now, these aren’t the only episodes you can listen to.

Season 1 is still available with 18 jam-packed episodes from last semester!

Published by Heather Carle

Marketing Professor @ CCU.

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