If You Were A Pet This Holiday Season…

What would you hope to find under the tree? A squeaky Rudolph? A rubber snowman? Or maybe even a box of treats!? If you love your dog as much as I love mine, you made sure to wrap up some presents for your furry one this holiday season (despite how many you may have already bought this year…).

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to remind you to buy a present? What about one step further to give you ideas? Or even better, put everything in a box and deliver it right to your doorstep. For many pet owners like myself, holiday shopping can get stressful. You can buy the wrong color, or the wrong size, or even forget a present altogether!

Luckily for my dog Jackson, this holiday season many pet retailers focused on reaching dog parents like me to lead us in the right direction. The past few months my social media feeds and emails have been flooded with ads from all different pet retailers, so there was no way I could forget! Thanks to the endless amount of help, I was able to buy many toys throughout the month, including a special Rudolph-themed toy box, to make his Christmas special.

Get Seasons Sweetings With BarkBox

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for dog parents like me. Each month’s box includes toys, treats, and bones. Each month is different and personalized to your dog, so you’ll never get the same products twice. They are known to give each month a “theme” for each month, I remember getting a Space Jam themed box earlier this year that Jackson loved! To be honest, getting his packages in the mail make me just as excited as him.

Whether you and your little friend celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, BarkBox released their holiday collection that’s the includes gifts for EVERY dog!

These toys were made by dog people, for dogs and their people.

Making Holiday Memories Together With Petco

Unless you live under a rock, you probably have heard of Petco, one of the top pet retailers in the country. They are known for anything pet- from toys, to food, and even grooming.

“It’s What We Would Want If We Were Pets”

Wouldn’t it be perfect if your dog could just open their mouth to tell you they want squeaky toys and a bath for Christmas? Well, Petco goes one step further to make your dog the main character in this video, giving them a voice.

Spoil Your Bestie With Chewy

Chewy hit the bullseye with this one, holding their spot as my #1 favorite pet retailer.

They released their 2021 Black Friday sale, making every pet owner pull their wallet out (including me.) Chewy aims to target one of the largest growing demographics on social media – young, millennial pet parents. They continue to target millennials and new pet parents, as we’re the generation known to “humanize” our pets, spoiling them with higher-quality products. Since the baby rates are going down, many millennials and even college students tend to put their extra income into their pets since they don’t have to budget around any child/children. I have seen almost as many pet advent calendars as I’ve seen human ones!

Convenience is the top priority for targeting us, saving us a trip to the store to be able to deliver toys, treats, food, and more, directly to my doorstep. Don’t worry though, they are keeping a focus on attracting new audiences, while also keeping up and engaging with their existing and loyal customers.

This ad was able to focus on all the different products they have to offer, and not only getting them on sale but being able to have them delivered right to your doorstep. Pet parents continue to look to do more for their loved ones, but income or convenience might be an issue, and this ad eliminates both of those issues and sets you up for success!

I’ll go ahead and link all the retailers I mentioned, along with an article going deeper into the relationship of millennials and their pets   


https://www.barkbox.com (They constantly run deals for new subscribers!)



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