Looking Deeper into Instagram Analytics

What are Instagram analytics?

Instagram analytics are how you comprehend the performance of your posts and your overall your account as a whole. While Instagram measurements are individual details, Instagram analytics assist you with interpreting those details and seeing different patterns in them. Taking a look at your Instagram insights is probably the most effective way to distinguish wins and losses for you. By looking into them cautiously, you can get valuable criticism to assist you with further developing your social media plan.

What are Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights are a nice method for seeing overall performance analytics regarding your account, your posts, and your following. It shows you a wide range of information, from the number of users that visited your profile to when your followers are commonly active online. It’s exclusively accessible to business profiles or creator accounts with a lot of engagement. The big disadvantage of this analytic tool however is the restricted date ranges. For most measurements, you can see how your performance has changed during the current week contrasted with a week ago.

How To View Insights on Instagram

Step one: Go to your profile by touching on your profile picture in the bottom right corner.

how to see instagram insights
Source: Falcon.io

Step Two: Touch the menu icon in the top right corner (the three lines)

how to access instagram insights
Source: Falcon.io

Step Three: Touch “Insights” from the top of the menu which is right of the graph icon

how to get instagram insights
Source: Falcon.io

Step Four: Now view your insights and data for your Instagram account 🙂

Analytic options

There are three main sections of analytics you can view: Interactions, Activity and Content.


What are interactions?

  • Interactions incorporates the number of individuals that have visited your profile
  • the number of users that have tapped on the connections in your profile
  • and the number of users that have requested directions to your business if you have any.


Discovery is a set of insights that shows users how many different people have seen your content and also where they have found it.

instagram insights discovery

Accounts Reached/ Or Reach

Accounts reached is the number of unique accounts that have laid eyes on your post, at least one time. Reach differs from impression because it includes multiple view points of your posts by the same accounts in a session. This metric is often estimated by Instagram analytics.


This feature is a part of insights and it serves as a counter of how many followers were gained if any during the post.


  • The Content tab concerns how your singular posts and Stories have been performing. It has 3 subcategories: Feed posts, Stories, and Promotions.
  • Feed posts let you know how your ordinary posts have been doing. The component enables you to channel your posts by a variety of measurements like reach, commentary, follows and then some. It additionally allows you to change the time span of those measurements (the previous 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, a half year, 1 year, or 2 years) and allows you to channel your posts by design (photograph, video, merry go round post, or purchasing post). The analytics in Instagram Insights about your post execution are likely the most intensive and accommodating piece of the data tool.
instagram insights activity

These are a few of the common metrics that big companies and organizations that run social media programs track their personal progress on a scorecard. I believe that following some of these metrics within Instagram can drive the effectiveness of social media content and performance within their respective business channels.

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