How Auto Companies Use YouTube Playlists to Highlight Products


What Are YouTube Playlists?

YouTube Playlists are one of YouTube’s features that allows you to organize and categorize videos to your liking. From a user standpoint, playlists can be accessed by visiting the playlist section of either the preferred channel, or on the recommended page. This feature can be used in a variety of ways whether it be an artist posting an album or list of songs, or a business organizing their content to maximize user experience.

How Do Businesses Use Playlists?

Many major businesses such as Nike, Yeti, and Microsoft, use playlists as a way to organize their content so that is is more easily accessed by their viewers. This can make it easier to reach multiple target markets by allowing them to view specific subsets of videos on the products or lifestyle of their preference.

How Ford Has Succeeded In Using Playlists

red ford mustang
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Ford has utilized their YouTube playlists by organizing their videos in to categorized based on the different types of cars they are rolling off the line.

Category Examples

A few categories of playlists on Ford Motor Company’s YouTube channel consist of:

  • Ford Bronco Family
  • Ford Trucks
  • SUVs & Crossovers
  • Mustangs
  • Vehicle Features

What does this mean for the viewer?

These playlists allow buyers to search for watch videos on the types of vehicle they are interested in with ease, rather than having to dig through the entire video library posted on Ford’s YouTube channel.

Below is an example of a video found under Ford Motor Company’s “Mustang” playlist section. This would be easy to find for someone in the market for a mustang and could easily influence viewers to purchase their vehicles.

Video via YouTube @Ford Motor Company

The mustang playlist section is a section of multiple playlists all on separate mustang models and features. This is an example of how YouTube’s playlist feature also allows the company or creator to organize their playlists into multiple categories.

Below is an example of how this organization looks:

Screenshot of Ford Motor Company’s YouTube playlists

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