Why GenZ Loves SHEIN : Social Media Marketing

SHEIN is an online fashion boutique, that focuses on B2C sales. The clothing store became wildly popular due to affordable prices. There company has categories for women, men, children, small devices, and home décor. Currently, SHEIN ships to more than 220 countries globally. The social media strategy utilized took SHEIN to the next level, tactics used include…

  • Relatable Influencers
  • Premium Stylist Guidance
  • TIkTtok
  • YouTube

Hauly Grail of Influencers

The strongest tactic SHEIN uses is employing less popular influencers, which is cost effective. This sends the message that you don’t need to be rich to enjoy the fashion offered. Influencers post on Instagram, YouTube, or TIkTtok in return acquire free products every month. In some instances, influencers can gain up to 20% commission from referral sales. A study from January 2022 shows 10% of traffic is guided through influencer recommendations. The utilization of everyday people helps potential consumers find an influencer with a similar body type.

Stylist Says..

The vast amount of products offered on the site can be overwhelming. Trends evolve so quickly that it’s important to be in the know. SHEIN’s category sponsored by stylist has exclusive outfits that provides convivence for consumers. Rather than filling a shopping cart and picturing clothing pieces together. Consumers can see the entire look, which increases the chance of conversion.

Time to (tik)Tok

The top platform that influences engagement is TikTok. The top brand for teens on the app is SHEIN. The #SHEIN has 22.7 billions views. The conversion is driven by endless discount codes influencers provide on their hauls. A common trend among users is expressing appreciation to the brand for promoting body positivity by incorporating an abundance of plus size products.

You(Tube) Can Too

Vlogging has become immensely popular among GenZ users. YouTube allows creators to give the audience the entire feedback of their purchases. Unlike TikTok, creators can take viewers through the whole experience of trying on the different outfits along with initial reactions. These videos are exciting because SHEIN isn’t always know to get the order perfect, but it adds excitement when buying inexpensive clothes.

Why Engagement is Important

SHEIN’s engagement tactics led the brand to be #1 on TikTok. When it comes time to purchase products from the site it’s an experience in itself. The amount of resources offered to find products and analyze the quality gives the company a competitive advantage. The social media strategy encourages consumers to become apart of their brand whether they’re sponsored or not. Before the pandemic I used to weigh the risk of purchasing more less quality products for an affordable price versus less products with higher quality for higher prices. Now, I can search endless reviews of the product and determine my decision within a cost effective budget.


Social Media Marketing strategies are a key component for brands to expand their reach. Continuously building brand awareness contributes to the long-term success of a business. The purpose of creating a strategy is to organize a detailed-oriented specific plan that effectively guides social media content. Here are 8 steps you can deploy to adopt a strategy like SHEIN.

8 Steps to Create a Social Media Strategy 

  1. Pick social media marketing goals  
  1. Choose a target audience 
  1. Research competitors 
  1. Conduct social media audit 
  1. Create accounts or enhance profiles 
  1. Create an editorial calendar 
  1. Design persuasive content 
  1. Evaluate performance and revise strategy  


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