Everything you need to know about Social Media Policies

Have you ever wondered why social media policy is important? Every business that uses social media has one and it’s simple to learn and use while at work. A social media policy is like a business code of conduct but for social media. It tells you how an employee should act on social media with respect to the company. This is very helpful for employees who work for the social media department and those with social media.


A social media policy can help prevent PR disasters. Most companies make the mistake of not making a policy until after a company or employee has already made the mistake with posting content that would violate the policy, such as company confidential information, comments disparaging a co-worker or customer, or perhaps with material that violates an ethics, conduct, or sexual harassment policy. The worst part is that the disaster can’t simply be destroyed. Whatever disaster that has happened could affect the organization for a very long time. A social media policy also helps a company maintain a brand voice across its corporate social media channels and keeps it consistent on all platforms. A Social Media Policy can also help you protect yourself from legal and regulatory trouble.

What should a Social Media Policy include?

Roles and Responsibilities 

   Who owns which social accounts? Which employees cover the responsibility of the account? 


  • Posting&engagement
  • Customer Service
  • Advertising
  • Security & Passwords
  • Pr Crisis

Security protocols

Security risks are not uncommon when it comes to an organization’s social media account. With a policy, you can help guide employee’s on how to deal with certain situations if they might occur.

  • How often should a password-change?
  • Who maintains and has access to these accounts?
  • Can employees use personal social accounts on office computers?

Crisis Management Plan

A Social Media crisis management plan may be needed in a crisis or risk to your company’s social accounts. It is better to have them just in case of an emergency.

  • Emergency contact list 
  • An internal communication plan
  • Approve process for response


Every employee must follow the social media policy and these are typically referred to in employment documents upon hiring. Certain employees responsible for communications or marketing roles would need to use this policy more as they will work for the organization’s social media accounts.

The social media manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the company uses social media safely, appropriately, and in line with the company’s objectives. 

The IT manager is responsible for providing apps and tools to manage the company’s social media presence and track any key performance indicators. 

The marketing manager is responsible for working with the social media manager to roll out marketing ideas and campaigns through social media channels.  

The customer service manager is responsible for ensuring requests for assistance and support made via social media are followed up.

Is the Policy too much?

Many companies can take their social media policy to the next level. Of course, they are doing this to protect the company and the employees within the firm, but what if these policies address the employee’s first amendment right to free speech. This is an issue that many employees have within their organizations. They are ways to deal with the issue.


As shown above, social media policy has become very important, especially in this era where everything you need is in your right pocket. While worrying about these situations can always be scary, these policies are here to help employees with any social media issues.

Of course, this doesn’t mean a company can entirely control your right to free speech.

We must navigate together to make the best social media policy for any company.

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