Tik Tok Takes the Win in the Advertisement Game!

Tik Tok has taken the world by storm and quickly became the most popular social media application on the market. All ages are jumping at the chance to create exciting content that will allow the other viewers to engage and interact with them. Due to the increase of popularity of the app, businesses have joined the Tik Tok trend to make their brand known to the world. By doing this they are able to advertise, promote, and engage with new audiences. This will bring their products and services to the market in new exciting ways. Tik Tok provides businesses many advertising options such as paid promotional content, influencer access, and increased traffic to sites and other media.

Paid Promotional Content

As attention spans get shorter, videos must follow that path as well. Tik Tok has become popular due to the fact that it provides short videos that seem incredibly relatable, humorous, and inspirational. It keeps people engaged for long periods of time and allows them to showcase who they are as individuals. Businesses will use this to their advantage by creating content that is engaging and will bring viewers in and visit their page. If they visit the page, they are more likely to purchase the product or service. Many companies will pay Tik Tok to promote their videos and reach wider audiences. Buying new effects that other brands and Tik Tokers do not have access to also allows the brand to seem unique and catch the audiences attention. They are also able to study their analytics to figure out what audiences they are reaching, what time to post their videos, and more. This allows them to see what they need to be doing in order to provide the best results.

The clothing brand Halara uses Tik Tok paid advertisements to promote their product and reach a wide range of audience.

Use of Influencers

As you open Tik Tok and scroll through the videos mindlessly, you suddenly stop to watch one. This is most likely because you noticed someone famous that you admire. You are intrigued and want to watch their video and wish to be just like them. Businesses will often use this to their advantage and collaborate with these hardworking stars to promote their products. Similar to buying a clothing line from your favorite athlete, when you see your favorite influencer using the product you will want to purchase it too in order to look and be just like them. This happens with the knowledge that they received it for free just to advertise it. The influencers also usually add a discount code so that it entices the viewers to purchase it quickly. This is an incredibly effective form of advertisement for brands because it comes across as a recommendation from a friend rather than the business trying to sell their product. Who wouldn’t want to try a product recommended to them by their friend? This is especially effective for a younger crowd that wants nothing more than to fit in. As soon as you peak their interest you can have them hooked in seconds.

Autumn Miller (a famous dancer) posts a Tik Tok advertising a shampoo and conditioner brand as a paid advertisement.

Adding Links to Other Social Media Accounts/Website

Well, now they have been successful and gotten you to visit their page. This opens up many doors for the business to succeed. It is more likely that the viewer will watch more videos that have been produced by the business and is more likely to buy the product that is being presented. You will also notice the bio inside of the page that mentions a quick description of the brand as well as a link to their website and other social media accounts. Once the brand has the customer hooked with their videos they will receive more traffic to their other accounts as well. This is another way that the brand can showcase who they are and what they stand for. By providing access to other aspects of the business, it shows the audience that they are well established and are very serious in their field. They took the extra time to create a brand for themselves and deserve the growing attention that it will bring. They will also get extra popularity just by having someone click on the other links through their account. This is an excellent way to continue the conversation and add to the engagement.

A dance studio from York, Pennsylvania utilizes their page to provide a link to their website and other social media pages.

Most Effective Form of Advertisements

As you can see there are many amazing forms of advertisements that you can utilize as a business whether you are well established or just starting out. If you put in the work, you can have a product/service selling in two quick clicks of a button. Out of all of the different forms, the one that proves most effective is the use of influencers. With this form of advertisement, the brand is most likely saving more money and will reach a wider audience. Influencers are more genuine and come off a bit more friendly than a paid advertisement that pops up on your screen. The influencers have already established trust with the target audience and can therefore push the buyer over the edge to purchase the product. It can be very beneficial to businesses around the world and brings more attention to their company.

Influencers are the best way to advertise products such as this famous Tik Toker, Charli D’amelio, promoting Dunkin Donuts.

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