Like or Scroll: Influencers

Influencers have become a large part of social media marketing. So what influencers are best for your brand? First…What Is an Influencer? An Influencer is is someone who exerts his or her influence on social media due to the size of their online following. Influencers have sway on the intended target audience of a nicheContinue reading “Like or Scroll: Influencers”

How Your Favorite Creators Make Money Through Social Media

A creator fund is an official fund established by a platform to pay creators for the content they create on the app. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter all have created different programs that fit their network and their creators. Here is everything you need to know about how you are helping your favorite creatorsContinue reading “How Your Favorite Creators Make Money Through Social Media”


Social media today in 2022 is emerging fast and will continue to over the next several years. All platforms of social media have grown immensely and have given lots of people full-time careers as Influencers using their social media platform to express talent or promote brands. But not all influencer engagements with brands are theContinue reading “GUEST VS. BRANDED INFLUENCER POSTS”

Is It Worth It? The Truth Behind the TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok was launched in 2018 when the Chinese app, Douyin, bought out its rival,, and combined the two. Since the relaunch, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps in the world, seeing over 3.5 billion downloads. It is now available in more than 150 markets and in over 35 languages.Continue reading “Is It Worth It? The Truth Behind the TikTok Creator Fund”

3 Ways To Use Instagram Like An Influencer

Have you ever wondered how influencers take over Instagram? Instagram is one of the biggest growing social media platforms with 2 billion active users as of 2021 and is predicted to reach 2.5 billion by the beginning of next year. Instagram is a known platform for people to share photos and memories of their life.Continue reading “3 Ways To Use Instagram Like An Influencer”

New Balance Turned Viral TikTok Song into Sales 

In June of 2021, lesser-known artists MightyBay and Number9ok released the song “574”. The title 574 comes from New Balance’s signature shoe model 574. The entire song and lyrics are about how the artists feel about the shoes and how they wear them. This song praising how stylish the 574 shoes are went viral onContinue reading “New Balance Turned Viral TikTok Song into Sales “

Tik Tok Takes the Win in the Advertisement Game!

Tik Tok has taken the world by storm and quickly became the most popular social media application on the market. All ages are jumping at the chance to create exciting content that will allow the other viewers to engage and interact with them. Due to the increase of popularity of the app, businesses have joinedContinue reading “Tik Tok Takes the Win in the Advertisement Game!”


Influencer Marketing: What is it, and Why is it Important? Influencer marketing is a marketing technique in which brands are able to better convey their marketing message to their target audience in a more personal manner. This is accomplished through the partnership and use of influencers, who are people with a substantial social media presenceContinue reading “HOW COMPANIES CAN BEST DEVELOP AN INFLUENCER PROGRAM”

How do Personal Influencer Programs differ from Brand Management Influencer Programs?

What are Social Media Influencers? Have you ever asked yourself, “what is an influencer?” You may have a few people come to mind, maybe it’s one of the Kardashian’s, your favorite YouTuber, or an over-night TikTok star on your For You Page. But let’s face it, today, influencers are dominating across all social media platforms.Continue reading “How do Personal Influencer Programs differ from Brand Management Influencer Programs?”

Is Instagram Copying TikToks Creator Fund?

Have you ever wondered how TikTok creators or Instagram Influencers get paid for posting? In this article we will be discussing the different ways that social media monetizes their creator’s content, as well discussing how Instagram has enabled very similar features to TikTok. While a lot of creators also engage in brand partnerships in exchangeContinue reading “Is Instagram Copying TikToks Creator Fund?”