Let’s BeReal – It Takes Creative Advertising Strategies to Standout

And this blog is going to help guide you to doing just that.

A new social media has entered the market and companies are taking this opportunity to shift and take advantage of the tremendous growth it is already seeing to benefit them.

BeReal is a social media platform that sends out one simultaneous notification every day at a random time, to all users, who then have 2 minutes to snap a picture (of both front and rear camera at the same time) of what they are doing – No videos. No filters. No likes. Just Being Real. They market themselves as:

“A new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life.”


Ultimately, they want users to be in the moment and capture true memories as a way to separate from the usual social networks.

The goal of this blog is to help all social media managers, and digital marketers, to understand the marketing potential that lies within BeReal. This will be done by elaborating upon five different post strategies:

  • Behind-The-Scenes
  • Early Announcements and Product Notifications
  • Exclusive Deals
  • Be Relatable/Stay Up to Date on Current Issues
  • Garner and Use UGC (User-Generated Content)

Five Strategies to Implement to Capitalize on Marketing on BeReal


The easiest way to start utilizing BeReal within your marketing strategy is to post Behind-The-Scenes BeReals. This strategy is a great way to first begin using BeReal, as it takes no real resources/financial investments. All you need do to is have fun and wait for the notification to go off! Once it does, you can show your day to day activity that you are doing, whether it be sending on email, following up with coworkers for an account, taking a lunch break, etc., anything to show a glimpse into how your company operates daily. A great idea that can be used is a Daily Department BeReal, where you can assign a department to each day and allow them to “takeover” the company account that day, and once the notification goes off, they can show what it’s like working in that specific department. Another great strategy with this could be a simple employee spotlight, so once the notification goes off, the employee is notified and given a small token of your appreciation, and then snap the BeReal in time to show off your employee and thank them for their hard work!

Early Announcements & Product Notifications

Everyone wants to feel like they have special access to early alerts or notifications, especially if a brand is launching a new product, or a big company announcement is expected. To capitalize on this, a BeReal would be a great way to show a select few a sneak peek as to what your company is up to! This can include snapping a pic of a product prototype, or final version with a cryptic caption (sometimes referred to as “easter eggs”) as this can excite users! If you are making a big company announcement, such as a new location opening, or a brand collaboration, you can post a day before the “official” announcement and give users a sense of exclusiveness.

An example of a BeReal showing off/announcing a brand collaboration is seen with Sour Patch Kids and Trident Gum:

Exclusive Deals

This strategy is not an unfamiliar one. Whether it be email marketing, text subscriptions, or a story post on Instagram, companies are not ones to shy away from limited time deals for subscribers/followers on the specific platform. And BeReal is no exception! Companies can use special BeReal promotions/sales using a promo code featured within the image, or in the caption, making it only viewable and usable for the day.

Chipotle has already taken the opportunity to test it out by offering a “FORREAL” promo code for the first 100 people that saw their BeReal, encouraging user to not only post their BeReal on time, but also to stay updated on theirs.

Be Relatable/Stay Up to Date on Current Issues

Similar to showing Behind-The-Scenes of your company, users now more than ever care about how relatable a company is to them! Viewers want to understand why they should purchase from your company, and not necessarily what they can purchase. This can be accomplished through showing a more real, or human, side of your company. This will allow you to relate with your target audience, while also keeping your brand at the top of their mind.

You will also be able to stay up to date and address current issues in real time, without having to utilize different resources. For example, with the recent hurricane affecting a large portion of the Southeast of the United States – a company could have easily snapped their BeReal for the day and encourage everyone to be safe and let them know that they care. This may seem simple, but this small act can leave a lasting impact on future customers when they go to decide to purchase.

Garner and Use User-Generated Content

The final strategy that can be implemented is one of the most beneficial to your marketing strategy. User-Generated Content, or UGC, is vital to a company’s social media efforts, and being able to garner and utilize more UGC effectively will be a great addition to any company. This can be done by encouraging people to take your product with them the next day in preparation for when the BeReal goes off and have them snap theirs with your product in the shot; then, if they feature the product in theirs, they have the chance to be reposted to your other social media networks. Users will love the opportunity to be featured on their favorite company’s social media (even if it’s just a repost to their Instagram Story), and this will ultimately keep them active on your platforms.

Not sure if your company could benefit from using BeReal in your marketing strategy? Give this article a read to find out if you can!

For more tips on Advertising on BeReal, read this article!

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