Getting Started with your Instagram Ad Strategy

Advertising on Instagram and other social media platforms is one of the most popular marketing strategies for any business. Businesses advertise their products on social media to spread awareness, and they utilize paid, owned, and earned media as a means to do so. Owned by Facebook and launched in 2010, Instagram has over 1.44 billionContinue reading “Getting Started with your Instagram Ad Strategy”

Let’s BeReal – It Takes Creative Advertising Strategies to Standout

And this blog is going to help guide you to doing just that. A new social media has entered the market and companies are taking this opportunity to shift and take advantage of the tremendous growth it is already seeing to benefit them. BeReal is a social media platform that sends out one simultaneous notificationContinue reading “Let’s BeReal – It Takes Creative Advertising Strategies to Standout”

Data Privacy After All

Digital advertising has taken over the advertising world. What was once simple newspaper ads, and billboards has now turned in to tracking our personal data for tailored digital ads. Apple and Google has reinvented ways to keep users privacy protected while still allowing ads. “It kind of feels like you’re being tracked, and that’s becauseContinue reading “Data Privacy After All”

NEW PODCAST: Pinterest Advertising (Episode #13)

In this episode, we hear from marketing student, Virginia Culp about Pinterest Advertising. To learn more about the information in today’s episode, you can read Virginia’s blog post.  Teaching Social Media Podcast Episode 13: Pinterest Advertising [ Listen on: Anchor | Spotify | Apple podcasts ] 🎧 If you have a question for an upcoming episode, you can submit an audio message toContinue reading “NEW PODCAST: Pinterest Advertising (Episode #13)”

Is Instagram Copying TikToks Creator Fund?

Have you ever wondered how TikTok creators or Instagram Influencers get paid for posting? In this article we will be discussing the different ways that social media monetizes their creator’s content, as well discussing how Instagram has enabled very similar features to TikTok. While a lot of creators also engage in brand partnerships in exchangeContinue reading “Is Instagram Copying TikToks Creator Fund?”

Benefits of Lead Advertisements Over Engagement Aimed Ads

When creating an advertisement, it is important for the marketer to have an idea of what type of advertisement and experience they want to provide for their audience. So let’s get started with the basics. What is A Lead Ad? A lead ad something one may not think they have much knowledge on, is moreContinue reading “Benefits of Lead Advertisements Over Engagement Aimed Ads”