How Your Favorite Creators Make Money Through Social Media

A creator fund is an official fund established by a platform to pay creators for the content they create on the app. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter all have created different programs that fit their network and their creators. Here is everything you need to know about how you are helping your favorite creators make money.

A creator fund is an official fund established by a platform to pay creators for the content they create on the app


Instagram has two main creators funds, the Creator Marketplace and Earn with Badges. Others include shopping, bonuses and subscriptions. Creator Marketplace is currently only available in the United States. Creators are able to add branded content interests so they receive opportunities from brands that are a good fit for you and your audience. Partnership Messages are separate from regular DMs to keep them organized and will only show messages from brands that meet eligibility standards. Brands are able to send “projects” that will show you the details, requirements and rates directly through Partnership Messages. To be a part of Creator Marketplace, you must comply with Instagram Partner Monetization Policies, Community Guidelines and Content Monetization Policies. To use the Creator Marketplace, creators can go to their Professional Dashboard and Branded Content Tools to check access. To create content, users go about posting as normal then choose Add Paid Partnership Label and Add Brand Partners.

Earn with Badges is available to all eligible creators in the United States and other countries are invite only. Creators are eligible if you comply with Partner Monetization Policies, Community Guidelines, are 18+, have 10k+ followers. To use Earn with Badges, creators can go to Profile > Professional Dashboard > Set Up Badges and then badges will be enabled once creators go live. When viewers purchase badges during your live stream, creators will see a heart next to their username. Creators will also be able to view more details about their earnings when they tap View during your live. Once the live it over, they can find their total badge count in your Professional Dashboard under Badges.


Facebook has a few different creator fund programs, two are Facebook Stars and Bonuses Programs. Facebook Stars is a way for fans to show creators support on Facebook Reels and Lives. For every star received, creators earn 1 cent from Meta. To be a part of Facebook Stars, creators must meet Community Standards, pass and remain compliant with Partner Monetization Policies, have at least 1,000 followers for at least 60 consecutive days and live in a country where Stars are available.

Bonuses Programs have three different kinds of bonuses that creators can earn, Earnings Based, Performance, and Challenge. Earnings Based bonuses where you are rewarded for reaching certain earning goals for specific monetization tools. Performance bonuses are rewards for achieving view and interaction milestones. Challenge bonuses are from participating in contests to earn a surprise reward or to increase your earnings Bonuses Programs are currently invitation only and open to a select group of creators. Creators can sign up to show that they’re interested and to qualify their page and content must comply with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies.


TikTok’s creator fund might be the most well known, considering that those a part of it are very vocal on their accounts about how it works. Requirements include 18+, legal residents of the US, have at least 10k followers, have at least 100k views in the last 30 days and follow the Community Guidelines. Creators can apply by going to Account Settings, Creator Tools and TikTok Creator Fund. Funds are calculated by video views, video engagement and ensuring the videos adhere to Community Guidelines. Estimated funds appear in the Creator Fund Dashboard. Creators can withdraw funds at a $10 minimum 30 days after the month ends in which they were accrued and have them transferred to PayPal or Zelle.


Pinterest’s creator fund is different from other social media platforms. They go through application processes and select a small number of creators to put through a training of how to use their platform. Creators are only able to apply during their application round. Pinterest looks for U.S. creators whose content focuses on lifestyle such as art, DIY, home decor and travel. Their goal is to foster creator talent through financial and educational support and aims to make Pinterest an increasingly inclusive and diverse platform.

Their first round of participants included 8 creators from photographers, travel bloggers and a private chef. The program includes a four week workshop where members will get hands-on training to help them succeed. They will learn how to make Idea Pins, take advantage of trends and measure campaign success. They receive personalized consulting to boost their creative strategies and every creator receives a grant of $25k in cash and ad credits. During their last program, fund creators saw 2.9 times more Idea Pin impressions and 72% more monthly viewers compared to their previous performance with a combined 24,000 more new followers.


Twitter has two different ways creators can make money through the app, Super Follows and the Twitter Spaces Spark Program. Super Follows is a simple way for creators to earn money every month. Followers are able to subscribe to their favorite creators for exclusive content.  Creators who have applied to the program can charge a fee up to $9.99 to their followers.

The Twitter Spaces Spark Program is a three month accelerator initiative that’s designed to discover and reward Spaces on Twitter with financial, technical and marketing support. Creators are able to apply when new program rounds open and will host their Spaces twice a week for three months. Twitter looks for creators who are interested in live social audio format and creating recurring programming on Spaces. They accept audio creators who are already hosting Twitter Spaces or have a creative idea for a new one they want to start. Creators receive $2,500 per month, monthly ad credits to promote your Spaces and custom Spaces merch. The program includes a virtual kick-off with Twitter product leadership, early access to new Twitter products and features and connection to other creators in the program. Creators also receive support from Twitter’s owned and operated social handles, promotion spotlights in Twitter content series and opportunities for prioritized in app discoverability for well performed Spaces.

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