Surveillance Capitalism: Your Private Data is Facebook & Google’s Marketing Tool

There is this misconception when it comes to targeted ads and personalized services. Many of us actually enjoy when a targeted ad shows up on Instagram suggesting that we buy the cute top we were eying or find the new sporting equipment we were researching on the side of our search engine. We make jokesContinue reading “Surveillance Capitalism: Your Private Data is Facebook & Google’s Marketing Tool”

Looking Deeper into Instagram Analytics

What are Instagram analytics? Instagram analytics are how you comprehend the performance of your posts and your overall your account as a whole. While Instagram measurements are individual details, Instagram analytics assist you with interpreting those details and seeing different patterns in them. Taking a look at your Instagram insights is probably the most effectiveContinue reading “Looking Deeper into Instagram Analytics”

Understanding Analytics: Engagement Rate

What are Analytics? While analytics are just statistics and data, they very useful when determining how well your post does in terms of interactions with people who do and don’t follow you. It allows us to better understand what is successful, what helps bring more attention to a post, and tells us overall who ourContinue reading “Understanding Analytics: Engagement Rate”