User-generated content with Starbucks

Starbucks uses social media accounts such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter. and Tik Tok to get users to get engaged with their products.

They are using Facebook and Instagram to post their popular drinks and promote their special drinks. They also have testimonials that promote their products such as celebrities and influencers.

Image of Starbucks post with Joe Jonas.
Starbucks Instagram post featuring Joe Jonas.

In this campaign, they have Joe Jonas posting about the free drinks he is delivering to hospital staff and is getting people to engage with comments. This gets people to buy their products because they know Starbucks has campaigns that help people who are risking their lives with the pandemic. It is also a collaboration with Uber eats because they are involved as well as Joe Jonas being the driver. Starbucks also tags Ubereats on their posts.

Starbucks and Netflix promotion.

This next campaign in collaboration with Netflix is more interactive with links in their social media post. The post is promoting their drinks by watching movies based on books through Netflix. People are sharing, liking, subscribing, and buying.

With this consumers are more likely to tag their friends in these posts to inform their friends or plan a trip to Starbucks and watch the series together. Netflix is also gaining engagement with the collaboration with subscribers and people watching the series.

According to Social Insider, Starbucks has the most followers and wins people’s hearts on Facebook. They also have the highest engagement among top coffee brands on Facebook as well.

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Average engagement rates for coffee brands according to SocialInsider.

The engagement rate is very important for every post and click for the brand to expand. Starbucks achieved its goal of being the number one coffee brand on Facebook with a set strategy of the opportunities it had available on the site.

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Starbucks Tiktok promotion for Caramel Brulee Latte.

They are using this platform to inform customers what coffee drinks are the best and how to order them. This allows customers to engage and try out different flavors. These posts are part of the conversation.

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These videos are being reposted because they are already talking about their products. They are seeing people get engaged with their products.

The target audience is people who love to buy their products. The audience is teens and young adults. They are looking to expand their age group.

These social media campaigns drive people to use their social media platforms to make videos about a product in this case Starbucks. The platform allows them to express how they feel about the product and affects the sales because if they love it they buy it. Experiences from being in the store can affect their emotions as well to post or make a video about their trip to the local store. The collaborations allow their audience to expand with people who also use their services for example Netflix and Ubereats.


Starbucks uses Twitter’s platform with content similar to the other platforms’ engagement. It uses a lot of Gifs to express their promotions. The replies from fans are more so people sharing their experiences happening at the moment they are tweeting.

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Starbucks Twitter content

Many of the replies are getting a response back from Starbucks and is certified on Twitter that the account is real. The consumers are connected with having this platform available at all times and getting a quick response back.


With Snapchat, Starbucks does not have a lot of content posted. As you can see it only has the pumpkin filter with which you can take a picture of yourself. The subscribers are still 226K. There are no videos or pictures listed on the account. The account uses the platform to promote their filter with every picture one might take to post in their story. The account also has a link available to its viewers.

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Starbucks Snapchat account

The Starbucks App

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is app-1.png
Picture of the Starbucks App

The Starbucks App connects with its consumers by sending them notifications on a deal going on. The app is used to order ahead of time and to save previous orders allowing them to buy more. The app also has a rewards program that is called stars to collect and get free drinks. The app has a way to send friends a gift card as well. Games are included in the app for engagement as well. The games on the app are a fun way to reach young adults to play the games and receive prizes. Coupons are also listed on the app.

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