Marketing to Minors

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How are Children Protected from Marketing?

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), is a U.S. Federal Statue enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. This allows for the parents to control what their kids are seeing and what kind of information websites are allowed to collect from minors under the age of thirteen. The security of children should be protected on all websites. Marketers are able to set age restrictions to ensure minors are not viewing marketing content.

Disney Marketing to Minors

One company that has to be careful about how they market their products is Disney. When children are playing games online, they often have to receive parents permission. Television shows on the Disney Network will show healthy lifestyles, Disney products, toys, and other age appropriate advertisements.

Tips for Protecting Minors

  • Consult company lawyers when marketing to minors may happen.
  • Set age restrictions.
  • Make minors obtain parental consent to use websites, apps, and games.
  • Do not collect information on minors.
  • Protect the security of minors at all times.

Juul Marketing to Minors

Juul has been accused of marketing to teenagers in several states and in North Carolina alone had to pay a 40 million dollar settlement. They have been accused of using youth influencers to market products. The use of fun colors and flavors also enticed the youth to try vaping.

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