Marketing To Minors? The Truth behind it.

The best way to market to children is to market places where kids go. You want to distribute advertising posters in toy stores, bicycle shops, bookstores and many other places. Things like this were easier a couple of years ago. However, with newer technology, marketing to children has been easier due to social media, butContinue reading “Marketing To Minors? The Truth behind it.”

Europe’s Worries about Apple’s IDFA

What are Europe’s concerns about advertisers on the Apple platform not obtaining user consent to vital information being shared? Let’s examine both the European society and the government concerns regarding Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and changes to this system that are impacting marketers. What is an IDFA? Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA) is a uniqueContinue reading “Europe’s Worries about Apple’s IDFA”

Data Privacy After All

Digital advertising has taken over the advertising world. What was once simple newspaper ads, and billboards has now turned in to tracking our personal data for tailored digital ads. Apple and Google has reinvented ways to keep users privacy protected while still allowing ads. “It kind of feels like you’re being tracked, and that’s becauseContinue reading “Data Privacy After All”

How does “The Social Dilemma” documentary discuss the algorithms used to target ads and encourage user behavior?

“The most important documentary of our time.” Netlfix’s The Social Dilemma The Social Dilemma highlights the many issues within our society today and its use of social media. It focuses on how big social media companies manipulate their users with the use of algorithims that keep their users coming back and even sometimes resultContinue reading “How does “The Social Dilemma” documentary discuss the algorithms used to target ads and encourage user behavior?”

Challenging Privacy Ethics

Imagine if someone could make an algorithm that could predict how you act, think or even talk. Now think about how someone could do this simply based on your social media activity, not requiring a single in-person encounter to predict any of these things. This has been proven to be possible for years now, butContinue reading “Challenging Privacy Ethics”

Surveillance Capitalism: Tracking Your Physical Location for Profit

What is Surveillance Capitalism? Surveillance Capitalism is basically the power that large companies such as Google and Facebook have with the information they gain from the littlest things we do on their websites. According to Dr. Shoshana Zuboff, her definition of surveillance capitalism is, “radically disembedded and extractive variant of information capitalism” based on theContinue reading “Surveillance Capitalism: Tracking Your Physical Location for Profit”

The Great Hack: Behind the Scenes of the Facebook Data Crisis

“The Great Hack” weaves together elements of how breakthroughs in computer technology and data analysis have enabled a large-scale, global spread of a new form of the social experiment that involves changing the world in a specific image. Anyone with a Facebook account or any other social media account that leaves a digital footprint shouldContinue reading “The Great Hack: Behind the Scenes of the Facebook Data Crisis”

“Surveillance Capitalism” The Less You Know The Better

This article is going to analysis Surveillance capitalism and the things surrounding it by looking at the following. The History Of Surveillance Capitalism What Companies Get From It And Why They Do It Negative Impacts On The Consumer “Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism” And “The Great Hack” Final Words The History Of Surveillance Capitalism TheContinue reading ““Surveillance Capitalism” The Less You Know The Better”

TikTok’s Data Privacy Problems: How Are They Getting Fixed?

In the last year, citizens across America have wondered about the data privacy problems on social media platforms. Data privacy is defined as “the ability of a person to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent personal information about them is shared with or communicated to others.” TikTok has been at the topContinue reading “TikTok’s Data Privacy Problems: How Are They Getting Fixed?”

The Great Hack

How over 50 million Americans had their data stolen without their permission. I’m willing to bet that you have at least heard of “The Great Hack“. The great hack started back in the 2010’s when Facebook users’ data was collected by a British company, Cambridge Analytica. This company collected personal data belonging to millions ofContinue reading “The Great Hack”